11 Tips To Stay Motivated For Your Workout

If you are not feeling it, we can sympathize. It can happen to the best of us when you are not just there and don’t feel motivated enough to workout. Either you are a well-trained athlete or a seasoned campaigner, lack of motivation can hit you anytime. So, just how do you get motivated? Here are 11 things to help you stay motivated to complete your workout. These may help you get your booty to the gym or your own home garage gym.

Just Show Up

Make your everyday a non-zero day and do one thing to move towards your goal. Doing one set, or one pull-up does not seem like it does much for your fitness, but the point of making a day a “non Zero day” is about building a habit, not building muscle. All you have to do is continue with it to make it a habit as it is a mind hack therefore you keep going.

Get With The Program

If you are not making a plan you are planning to fail. It is true for fitness too because you should know what you are going to do. Start with a fitness program with all details laid out for you as it would be easier to workout when you have all the details. Find a program, designed by a fitness professional, with your specific needs and goals in mind.

Activity You Truly Love

Some of you like high intensity training, other love running, but whatever you plan, try to do what you actually enjoy. All those activities that are done for the activities sake are not likely to span long and people don’t stick to it in the long run.

Be Specific

You have to be specific in setting your goals. Visualize yourself achieving and maintaining this goal. If you are pursuing a specific goal you can visualize it and if your goal is vague you will visualize a fuzzy goal. This will end up in something fuzzy. Specific means measurable and with a time frame in mind.

Rock Out With Playlist

Music makes working out more fun, program a rocking workout only playlist. Only allow yourself to listen while you are exercising. It should be structured out with slower beats for warm-up and fast music to motivate you as your routine progresses.

Schedule It

Schedule your workout on your calendar, preferably with a built in reminder. Make sure you have clothes ready for it perhaps the night before. Pack them up in your gym bag while you are preparing lunch if you hit the gym right after work.

A Pre Workout Drink Or Protein Shake         

When to don’t feel like going to gym, pick your go-to pre-workout drink. After you drink it your proverbial foot is already halfway in the door and you are already committed. Now you need to go and do.

Bet On Yourself

It is more of a brain thing and a really effective one, according to the big brains at Yale University. You have to put something up at stake (can be money or reputation) so you must meet the defined goal. If you do not meet your goals you must pay up or suffer a blow to your reputation.

Accountability Partner

Look for an online accountability partner for your fitness goal accountability. You can find some like-minded souls whom you can share your goals and stay in contact daily. Whatever you both decide, and hold each other accountable to your goals.

Track With Pictures

Take pictures before you start. Make sure to get a face and full body shot, and a shot from the side. Track your fitness goals with these pictures for a certain time period.

Treat Yourself          

Reward yourself for working out. Not with food, but with something tangible. It will give you right motivation to keep going.

If you have any tip you use to get in gear, we would love to hear them! Leave a comment below to let us know how you keep yourself motivated to workout.