5 Tips to Improve Speed & Force in Boxing

How to Improve Boxing Speed and Force

A solid combination of speed and force can reinforce the soundness of your boxing technique, greatly impacting your performance. Improving these key factors therefore can go a long way in determining your success as a contact sport athlete, whether you’re amateur boxer or a professional. Here are some quick pointers on how to maximize your punching power potential, while enhancing your agility:

First off, invest in a GOOD pair of boxing gloves that will last, are durable, and are made are made of high-quality stuff. It’s always a good idea to spend money on a pair of gloves. You need running shoes for running, and boxing gloves for boxing.

  • Build Muscle Strength

The effectiveness of a punch lies in the amount of force that you can muster up and channel into it – force that comes from your torso and lower body rather than just your shoulders. Deadlifting, front squats and fast pushups are a good way to toughen your chest muscles, hamstrings, and glutes, as well as your lower back and core. Incorporate similar exercises into your workout routine to strengthen the muscles that drive your punches.

  • Spar As Much As Possible

Training with a punching bag can be predictable – it’s relatively stationary and doesn’t induce the same psychological effect that training with a real person – similar to the opponents you’d have to face, does. Sparring with somebody you don’t know can infuse a degree of uncertainty into your training session, which will help sharpen your reflexes,consequently increasing your punching speed and accuracy.

  • Shadowbox With Weights

Using weights while shadowboxing for a while, and then setting them aside, can help you feel a distinct increase in your punching speed. The weights make it more difficult to punch the way you regularly would at first, but overcoming the obstacle that you set in your own path can give you the strength you need to up your game. Shadowboxing with weights can also help train you not to punch too fast when you’re actually competing – an action that can tire your arms out to early, decreasing your overall speed and performance. Practicing with weights also strengthens your shoulder muscles and your arms, increasing your stamina which will help keep you focused for longer.

  • Increase Your Flexibility

The more you can move, the more force you can put into your punch. Increasing your flexibility by doing some static stretching moves at the end of your workout can help loosen fatigued muscles and allow you to make use of an even greater amount of body mass, while boxing. A higher amount of mass increases the force of your movements. This will also help with your footwork, allowing you to “dance” faster, and with more ease. An increase in speed while moving can make it more difficult for your opponent to effectively hit you.

  • Clear Your Mind

How fast you move, throw a punch, or how much power you put into your punch all depend on your ability to focus. Keeping your head in the game can keep you engaged with your opponent, by keeping your reflexes sharp. This can help improve your ability to read your opponent and predict his or her moves better. It’s important to make sure you’re relaxed while training, or while competing. Clearing your head and avoiding distractions can make a huge difference to your performance, while also affecting how tired you get, and how quickly.