9 Foods To Avoid When Working Out

The most effective way of losing excess weight is to workout. In spite of the deep-rooted desire to lose weight, it is hard to find motivation and get up for your next workout routine.

Suddenly, you start feeling like your energy is crashing down into the deep hole. Why? You ate healthy food to prepare for your weight-loss gym sessions to boost your performance.

Here you are with the mid-workout no-energy woes. While saying a goodbye to your energy, you skipped the remaining training. Now you are back on the couch with no energy and motivation to workout.

Now rewind the story and go back to the point when your mind had this crazy idea of eating those healthy foods. Your mind tried to be over smart by eating healthy before a workout session. But not all healthy foods are good for a workout.

What Should You Eat While Working Out?

The question is not that what should you eat while working out, but the real pain is what to avoid during exercise. There are some healthy foods that ruin your gym sessions but some that aid you in weight loss. You just need to choose wisely!

Here is the list of 9 healthy foods to avoid when working out.

1. Hummus

Avoid hummus when working out

Who doesn’t love that yummy dip that sparks up the taste of every food? But you need to keep your hands away from this healthy snack before working out.

This bean-based food is rich in indigestible carbohydrates. According to Mary Hartley (Dietician from New York), these carbohydrates won’t get digested and may cause bloating and gas.

2. Dairy

Avoid dairy when working out

You might have an idea that drinking a cup of milk will lift your power and performance while working out.

Yes, you are wrong here. Dairy products do have beneficial effects on the health, but they may make you lazy and dull. It is better to stay away from dairy 2 hours before and after the workout.

3. Unripe Banana

Avoid unripe banana when working out

Make sure you grab a ripe banana from the fruit basket on your counter. Haste makes waste; an unripe banana may cause gas and bloating as they are difficult to digest.

Green banana without brown spots is in the starch stage. At this stage, it is difficult to digest as the sugar content is not completely absorbed.

4. Hard-Boiled Egg

Avoid hard boiled eggs when working out

This old-school method to boil eggs is pretty good to enrich yourself with proteins. However, hard-boiled eggs steal away the energy-booster carbohydrates from the eggs.

The proteins reside in the stomach and are difficult to digest. Hence, making you uncomfortable and lethargic while working out.

5. Thai-Food

Avoid thai food when working out

Never ever think of working out after eating your favorite Thai/Mexican Food in a dine-out.

Spicy foods, especially those with cayenne pepper, help you burn more calories. Even if these spicy foods are healthy, they may cause heartburn if backwashed into your esophagus.

6. Protein Bars

Avoid protein bars when working out

Your protein bar is no good than a candy bar if it has 200 calories but a little amount of protein.

Rania Batayneh, a certified nutritionist and eating strategist, claims that such protein-filled bars ‘weigh down your workout.’ Not all bars are bad for your workout. If you choose one with the protein to sugar ratio of 1:1 (under 200 cals), you can stay energized and active.

7. Energy Drinks

Avoid energy drinks when working out

Yes, it was hard to believe when we got to know that these red and blue drinks are a straight NO before working out.

Caffeine-rich energy drinks may help you with a power boost. However, they are not very good when it comes to hydration. Energy drinks cause bloating, fatigue, and gas. Attain a perfect balance by pairing it up with a protein bar.

8. Flavored Water

Avoid flavored water when working out

These flavors fitness drinks filled with sugar have artificial sweeteners. Before working out, consumption of artificially sweetened beverages disrupts the digestion process.

9. Crudité

Avoid crudite when working out

Crudité (decorative name of a veggie plate) is considered the best snack for a quick energy boost.

However, these super nutritious plates have vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and peppers that are rich in indigestible carbs. These indigestible veggies cause bloating and gas when working out.

Now you know why your energy ran away from your body in the mid of your workout session. Avoid eating these energy-robbing foods to avoid being this man in your workout: