Best Boxing Equipment For Beginners and Amateurs

If you’re ready to box your way to fitness, the most important step is to get your hands on the right boxing equipment. Previously we have discussed if you really want to Box Your Way into New Year 2019 how you should start your journey at the right time. Prepping for the game and having the right mindset will help you ace it. For those who have already started, we would love to know how things are turning out for you. Let us know how the workouts are going by leaving comments below. Before you start thinking of hiring a boxing coach, you need to have the best boxing equipment in your kit bag.

Spend wisely as there are a lot of different brands out there who are just out to get your money. You need proper information to make smart purchases.

Boxing Equipment Essentials

Boxing Gloves

It’s not like you can go to the nearest shop and buy a pair of gloves and start the game. It is not like that, you must know the right size in accordance with your weight. Choose the pair of gloves that suit you best.

There is also a difference between training, sparring and fighting gloves.

Let us explain different aspects of boxing gloves so you can understand things in a better way. As gloves are main essentials of boxing equipment so we would start with the gloves.



Boxing gloves sizes range from small to extra-large sizes.

Small size has 6” to 7.5” circumference

Medium size has 7.5 to 8.5” circumference

Large size has 8.5” to 9.5” circumference

Extra-large size has 9.5” and above circumference

Measure the circumference of your hand by placing measuring tape around your hand with a facing up palm. Take the correct measurement and pick gloves accordingly.


There are brands out there that don’t classify their gloves according to size. Gloves are classified based on weight and range from 8 ounces to 20 ounces.

Heavily padded gloves weigh more. These gloves are ideal for practice as they offer more protection. You can feel the difference while punching the heavy punching bags.

If you are a beginner, the ideal gloves weight will be 16 oz to provide you the right kind of protection for all types of training routines and sparring. When you become a pro and enter a ring to fight you would need a pair of gloves weighing between 10 oz to 12 oz.


There are two types of boxing gloves closure systems; lace-ups and Velcro.

Velcro is much easier to operate and is ideal for boxers who are just starting out in the sport. You can easily take the gloves off and on without needing any help.

Velcro and laces closure

Inner Wraps/Wear

Getting serious about boxing training? Wrap your hands with the inner wears before putting on boxing gloves. As an important part of boxing training you cannot ignore adding a layer of cushion for the blows.

For a beginner, inner wear is more appropriate than wraps. They are easier to put on and off. As part of the right boxing equipment, get a couple of them so you can rotate them in every training.

RDX IS Inner Gloves with Wrist Strap


An exact fitting mouthpiece protects your teeth from serious damage in a boxing ring. You will need a mouthpiece even though you don’t think you’re at the risk of getting hit in the face. You can protect your whole mouth from impact with these innovative mouthpieces.

X 3GN Mouth Guard

Head Guard

One thing that requires more protection than any other part while boxing is your head. A good head guard will keep your head safe while sparring and training. Professionals wear head guards while training and amateurs wear them in fights as well.


Groin Protectors

While fighting and sparring, a groin protector will protect you from low blows. You can have different types of cups or female groin protectors in different shapes and design. This is essential boxing equipment so don’t leave it off for later.

RDX X3 Groin Guard

Focus Mitts

Get yourself a target to hit in order to simulate a match-like situation with the help of focus mitts. You can dodge sweeping motions of mitts to practice for punches coming your way. Be mindful if your trainer has one then you might not need it. If you plan to train at home with a partner, then you should buy a pair of good focus mitts.


Jump Rope

Your trainer or coach will ask you to have a jump rope in your kit bag. Most warm up drills include jump rope exercises. It helps with the footwork too.

RDX C7 Skipping Rope

Once you have all your essential boxing equipment in your gym bag, you are ready to go out and look for a boxing gym that is perfect for you.