Fighters Diet Plan For Cutting Weight Fast

Have you ever wondered how your favorite boxers and MMA fighters lose pounds in such a short time? How do they even manage to lose weight quickly before a weigh-in?

Well, it was a hidden little secret until now!

We are here to disclose the fighters diet plan to cut weight fast.

Tricks To Lose Weight Before A Weigh In

It is just a common practice for fighters to lose 20-30 lbs. just before the weigh-in but gain it again before a fight. If exact fighters diet plan is followed, the boxers and MMA fighters will manage to suck in just the right amount of energy and power before the fight.

Remember, it doesn’t mean that every fighter can blindly follow the plan. It is only recommended for the professional fighters after proper consultation with the trainer and nutritionists. Else, you may be forced to fight with weakness flowing in your body.

This fighters diet plan comes with a disclaimer: DO NOT try this at home (without proper consultation)!

Weight Loss Before Weigh-In

This is the 5-day weight loss plan for the fighters before the weigh-in event.

Lower Water Intake!

This is the key step and secret ingredient of their weight loss recipe. To keep sodium and get ride of potassium, first take a lot of water. Then, they start lowering the water intake. High levels of sodium and lower levels of water will start drawing out the water for excretion.

Day#1: 2 gallons

Day#2: 1 Gallons

Day#3: 1 Gallons

Day#4: 0.5 Gallons

Day#5: 0.25 Gallons

This is why they avoid sipping water when the day of weigh-in finally arrives.

Sweat, Sweat!

This is where your sauna suit comes into play. It is pretty much a usual practice for fighters to train hard with their sauna suit on.

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There is another quick and easy method to sweat out. Take 10-minute super-hot bath and sweat drops will cover your complete body. Heat and humidity accelerate the sweating.

No Salts!

Salt intake ensures that the water stays absorbed in your body. To continue the water flush out, avoid the salts.

Limit the Carb Intake!

Don’t consume more than 50 grams of carbohydrates in a day. Eating excessive carbs will replace the muscle glycogens with water in your body. However, if the carb intake is limited, you can do both: flush water out and deplete muscle glycogen.

More Fats and Proteins!


When you lower your carb intake, try to increase the levels of proteins and fats in your body. Eat more vegetables and meat to replace the high-carb foods.

Weight Gain After Weigh-In

Now that the weigh-in is done, there comes a chance to gain the advantage over your opponents in the upcoming fight. How?

Now you need to increase the water intake back to normal. If you consume 1L water every day, you will only retain 75% of it in your body. Moreover, you cannot absorb more than 1L of water in your body in an hour. It means that if you have 13 hours to fight, you will be able to put back 22 lbs. weight. So, the water intake is back to normal. What about the glycogen you lowered in the muscles?

Eat more and more carbs!

Congratulations! You just learned the little secret used by the famous boxers and MMA fighters all across the globe.