Boxing Training Tips: Boxing Jab Technique for Beginners

Jab is considered to be the most important punch in boxing. It is the most thrown punch in boxing fights. Although it lacks power but it is fast and it can get you a lot of points in the match. So perfecting the boxing jab technique is always in your favor. And here is how to do it:

Develop Boxing Jab Technique

jab | boxing jab technique

Get your gear on and get in to your boxing stance. If you have an Orthodox stance, you will be throwing the jab with your left hand. Boxers with a Southpaw stance will throw the jab with their right hand. You have to be careful about your movements, read this article on boxing movements to learn more.

The following are the instruction for throwing a jab for Orthodox stance.

  1. Switch the hand and movement if you are a Southpaw.
  2. Beginning from your stance, you have to lean your elbows forward slightly.
  3. Raise your right hand higher to protect your chin.
  4. Twist your body slightly while rotating your fist and extending your arm in front of you for the jab.
  5. The palm should rotate down and knuckles up.
  6. The jab should come from the core not arm strength.
  7. Shift your weight on the left leg and foot.
  8. Raise the right (back foot) slightly but don’t pull it off the floor completely.
  9. Time it so that the body weight shift and the jab movement happen at the same time.
  10. Your fist should be tight as it makes contact with the opponent’s head.
  11. When the left arm is extended, the chin should be right behind the shoulder to avoid any counter punches.
  12. The right hand should remain in place, in front of your chin, during the whole movement.
  13. Get back to your stance quickly and you can also take a step back to avoid the opponent’s counter attacks.
  14. Shift the weight back to the right foot and get back to your stance.
  15. The jab will help you set up a straight cross, upper cut or a hook. Always be on the lookout for that opening when you are throwing jabs.

The jab is not the strongest punch but it is very useful in both defense and offense. It helps you create space, set up other hits, and earn points for a decision wins. Make sure you practice the movements slowly at first, then add speed when you have perfected them.

Mistakes to Avoid when Throwing a Jab

Beginners often make common mistakes when they are developing a jab, which are;

  • Not aligning the elbow
  • Always keep your elbow aligned with the fist.

Both elbows should be tucked in when in normal stance and they should be moved in unison with the hands. If you flail your elbows around too much, your opponent will have a bigger target to hit.

Don’t Step Back

You should never throw a jab while taking a step back. It will lack power and accuracy and it will throw you off balance and open to attacks.

Fist Movement before Throwing

Some new boxers tighten their fist before they throw the jab and not while making impact. This takes more time and your jab is less powerful as a result.

Don’t throw your weight around

You don’t have to launch your whole weight forward for the jab. Doing that will put you in a precarious position. Remember the purpose of the jab is not to knock out your opponent.

No ‘arm’ jabs

The power of the jab comes from the body movement.

Just throwing your arm out without the core strength will make it ineffective.

Not snapping the jab

Jab is most effective when it is quick. Once you get the movement right, you can add speed to the jab. Snap the hand towards your opponent like a whip.

jab | boxing jab technique

Not punching through

When you get the movement right and snap your hand, you will generate the power necessary. Now all you have to do is punch through when you make impact. Practice the movement repeatedly and keep adding speed as you progress. Make sure you have the right pair of boxing practice gloves when you start practicing the jab on a heavy punch bag.

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