Boxing Workout To Define Your Abs

Looking to get those sketched abs your favourite boxer has but don’t know how to? This boxing-based workout will help you get an impressive core. Since boxing is a great cardio exercise and works on your abdominal muscles, you can use your love for the sport to get killer abs.

The reason why boxers appear to be physically attractive is because they move with lightning speed staying at their toes while executing the most brutal shots. Boxers keep up their speed by moving with their legs, by using their torso they keep rotating to evade shots, and they use their arms to execute lethal punches. Simply put, they use every body part to execute a powerful gameplay that not only helps them conquer the ring but also stay pleasingly fit.

The following workout is structured in the same manner an interval training regime would. Interval trainings are extremely quick and have more impact as compared to steady state cardio.

According to a study published in American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal only 4 minutes into boxing exercise improves VO2 max and insulin levels in the body.

Boxers compete for three minutes followed by 1-minute rest period. This time management also reflects in their workouts, which accelerates heart rate causing fat to burn.

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Boxing Workout For Impressive Abs

In order to maximize the benefits of this regime, your cardio exercise should be followed with an ab workout. Perform each exercise for 3 minutes moving to the next one after taking rest for 1 minute. It is not necessary for you that you keep working out, even if you feel the need to take a short break. You should stop whenever you feel the need to. The goal is to increase the intensity of workout during 3-minute period and perform as much as you can.

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Skipping Rope

An excellent warm-up exercise, skipping rope also acts as a cardio workout that revs up your metabolism. Take a skipping rope and start jumping for as long as you can. If you want to add variety, try some footwork or different moves but your target should be to keep on skipping for full 3 minutes. Take 1-minute rest once you are done with your exercise.

According to Certified Personal Trainer Patrick Henigan jumping rope is a great way to burn more calories than most of the weightlifting exercises. It improves body coordination and increases foot agility.

Mountain Climbing

Based on cardio and ab exercise, this particular movement helps you retain your momentum in this workout by targeting abs.

Start off by getting into a push-up position. Now bring your right knee forward so that the whole leg forms L shape with the knee touching the ground and lower leg parallel to the ground. With your hands on floor and arms stretched above, switch legs making L shape with one leg while the other one remains extended straight. Perform the move for 3 minutes, followed with 1-minute rest period.

Tip: To increase the intensity of this exercise, place towels or sliders under your feet as you move them your legs back and forth.

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Heavy Bag Punching

Begin by covering your hands with hand wraps. Now stand in a boxing stance by placing your dominant hand and foot at the rear. For all right-handers, their right foot would be placed at the back of the left with the shoulders slightly turned towards right, positioning your left hand in front of your right.

Photo: RDX Training Boxing Gloves

Stand a feet away from a suspended heavy bag. Start punching the bag, first with your non-dominant hand. This means that if you are right-handed, you will punch first with your left hand followed with a right-hand punch. Keep on punching in this manner for as long as you can. Since the exercises pivots around ab rotation, it can feel quite heavy on the shoulders and arms. You can have small breaks within the 3-minute period. Now rest for one minute once you have completed 3 minutes of heavy bag punching.

Tip: Rather than focusing on the intensity of the punch, you should make conscious attempts to increase striking frequency.

Straight Leg Sit-Ups

A simple ab exercise, it helps you feel the burn in your core by the end of 3-minute workout period.

Lie on the floor with your chest facing the ceiling. Now take your arms towards the ceiling instead of extending them towards your feet, which makes the exercise easier on your abs. Take rest for 1 minute.

Heavy Bag Hooks

The closing exercise for this workout requires a lot of flexion from your abs. Stand in a boxer’s stance with almost a feet away from the heavy bag with your knees slightly bend and sinking down. The goal of this exercise is to hit the heavy bag at a lower point with hooks. The initial hook should be from your non-dominant hand with a looping punch targeted to the opposite side of the bag. While executing the looping punch the elbow should be raised up high, while the forearm is parallel to the floor.

Now switch side and throw in a hook with your dominant hand landing it on the extreme end of the bag, turning your body in the direction of the hand. Keep on altering hands to throw hard hooks for 3 minutes. Use your abs to make the rotation while throwing hooks.