7 Common Workout Injuries and Ways to avoid them

It is common for people to get struck with injuries, get fatigued or suffer sprains but with the right advice, you don’t have to suffer the pain for long intervals and the intensity reduces as well.

  1. Ankle Sprain

Who here hasn’t rolled their ankle at least once? Some ligaments of the ankle are damaged because of an accidental and sudden roll of the foot.

To avoid this, you have to warm up and stretch your ankle before every workout. Another precaution is that you should wear shoes that support the ankle. You should also pay attention to spots where your feet are landing.

  1. Wrist Sprain

When you put too much pressure on the wrist, like while weightlifting, the ligaments get damaged because of proper protection gear. A sprain can also occur because of bending or twisting of the wrist suddenly during exercise. At times the weights are heavy for the wrists and they lose balance and end up getting sprained.

Circular movement of the wrist can warm up the muscles in the wrist. Always wear protective equipment when lifting heavy weights.

  1. Lower Back Strain

Lifting heavy weights can put a lot of strain on your back. Especially if you don’t have a weightlifting belt on. Ligaments in the back suffer because of sudden twisting or jarring movements.

Warming up and stretching is important to get the back ready for lifting weights. Core exercises can strengthen the back so make them a regular part of your routine and make sure that you wear a lifting belt during power lifting and other similar exercises.

  1. Shoulder Strain

Tendons of your deltoid muscles, shoulder, can suffer damage because of repetitive movements. This is common when you exercise the same muscle group multiple times.

Some athletes also complain of this because of overuse of the muscle. You need to warm and stretch the shoulders before the workout. Stretch and cool down after it. Never ignore shoulder pain. Even if it is slight, stop the workout immediately.

  1. Pulled Hamstring

Runners and sprinters often have to deal with a pulled hamstring. The muscle behind your thigh can spasm suddenly during an exercise and it makes further movement impossible.

Warming up before the exercise and stretching can help lower the risk of hamstring injury. Compression wear can also pay role in lowering the likelihood.

  1. Shin Splint

This is a very common lower leg injury that athletes have to deal with. Muscles around the tibia bone are damaged and it causes pain at the front of the leg.

You should avoid running on hard surfaces, like concrete, and wear shoes that provide the maximum amount of cushion to your feet.

  1. Tendinitis

Tendinitis can affect different muscles in your body. Achilles, bicep and elbow joints are the most common muscles are impacted by this. It occurs because of repetitive motions and in certain conditions by minor impact. The easy way to avoid this condition is to increase the activity intensity slowly, giving your muscles the time to warm up properly.

Make sure that you use the avoidance methods to your advantage. Always warm up and stretch before any type of workout, focusing on muscles that will be utilized the most. Do that and you won’t have to deal with any of the injuries mentioned above.