Gennady Golovkin Claims Golden Boy Promotions Delayed Canelo Alvarez Fight

Gennady Golovkin and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez are all set to collide in Las Vegas at the T Mobile Arena this coming Saturday, Sep 16. The fight has a historic aura because the two of the best boxers in the world are going to fight it out for the world middle weight championship. But the Canelo Alvarez fight took a while and Golovkin has some ideas on why.

The Golovkin vs Alvarez has been the talk of the town for a few years now but it never went beyond rumors.

Now Gennady Golovkin himself is claiming that the blame for the delay in the fight solely rests on the shoulders of Golden Boy Promotions.

Canelo Alvarez Fight Delay

The longest reigning world boxing champion, Gennady Golovkin, is going to defend his title for the 19th straight time against Canelo Alvarez.

The two boxing giants like Alvarez and Golovkin should have met in the ring years ago and the champ believes that it was because Golden Boy Promotions wasn’t ready for the fight to happen.

Golovkin pictured with championship belts Golovkin vs Alvarez

Golovkin has been blamed for ‘avoiding’ the fight. This revelation shows that the ball wasn’t in Golovkin’s court after all.

The fighters were ready but the promoters it seems waited for the right time.

History in the Making

In boxing, the greatest matchups are always the most intriguing. When Ali fought Liston or Holyfield took on Tyson, the boxers at the top of their game go head to head and make history as a result.

Gennady Golovkin is 37-0 and Canelo Alvarez is 49-1-1.

two boxers pictured standing inside ring Golovkin vs Alvarez

Both fighters are performing at an elite level if their last fights were any indication.

Even Hollywood couldn’t have crafted a better boxing fight.

Come Saturday history will be made. Who will the fates favor in this battle of boxing greats?

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