UFC Star Derrick Lewis Helps Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc on the local communities in Houston. Many people have been left stranded and without support. MMA and UFC star Derrick Lewis saw all this and took time out of his training to go help as many people as he can. The proud Texan took his truck out and started lending a hand to anyone who needed help in the area.

Derrick Lewis Helps People

The situation in Houston and other areas of Texas is getting worst because of the mega storm Hurricane Harvey. The emergency services in the area are overwhelmed and they are only responding in the direst of situations.

white car and people getting out Derrick Lewis

This is what made Derrick Lewis, and other good Samaritans, go out and start helping people in the flood affected areas.

The MMA star, known as ‘The Black Beast’ posted his mini rescues on his Instagram page.

Lewis simply got in his car and drove around in the affected communities and helped wherever he can. He towed cars, gave people lifts to get them out of the danger zone, and even carried children to safety.

A Real Champion

The heavyweight fighter announced his retirement after his last fight against Mark Hunt, which surprised many people. But he decided to come back to the octagon and accepted a fight against former UFC champion Fabricio Werdum.

Derrick Lewis flexing at weigh in UFC event

The comeback fight is very significant for Derick Lewis because he is coming off a loss and a short retirement period. The fight is set for Oct 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lewis is currently in training camp for the preparation for that fight. And it is commendable that in the middle of his training he decided to help his fellow Houstonians.

It is wonderful to see the fighting spirit of this former MMA champ. UFC has gotten some bad press in recent times and this is breath of fresh air. Keep fighting the good fight Derick Lewis!