Weight Loss Tips From Around The Globe To Beat Unsightly Flab

Weight gain is a global dilemma. Millions of people are obese and find it difficult to keep their scale on the desirable points. In the U.S. alone, 160 million people suffer from excessive weight gain or obesity.

While the younger generation has begun to work out as a lifestyle change, there are many other ways people shed undesirable pounds. From diet plans to rigorous workout regimes to changing daily habits, people around the globe deal with weight loss in their own unique, distinctive way. While there is no single weight loss formula, you might get lucky with these unusual secrets from varied cultures. Here is a look at the ways weight gain is dealt with in different parts of the world.

1 – Brazil – Rice With Beans

Rice is a no-no diet when it comes to pursuing weight loss. A cup of cooked rice contains around 53g of carbohydrates, and most dieters avoid eating rice altogether when trying to shed off extra pounds. However, if you are rice lover, then you don’t need to miss out this amazing food option. According to a study carried out by Obesity Research Journal, Brazil natives eat rice and beans in all three meals and it helps them get rid of unsightly flab. The diet helps decrease body weight up to 14% and regulates blood sugar levels in the body.

2 – Japan – The Power Of Nap

Have you been craving a quick nap during the peak hours of the day? Not only will this improve your productivity and prevent stress but it will also trim down fat from your waist. While you couldn’t think of a better excuse to put yourself to sleep, the practice has sound logic. According to James Mass, a sleep researcher at Cornell University, many people mistake being sleepy for being hungry. Since the body craves foods that are rich in carbs when it is sleep derived, it is best to head to bed rather than giving in to your cravings. This is common practice in Japan.

3 – Poland – Scrumptious Homemade Meals

Dining out, though the norm these days, comes with a hefty price tag both for your financial as well as physical wellbeing. Consider improving your overall health by preparing your meal at home. Poles spend only a meagre 5% of their earnings on dining out and prefer preparing and eating their meals at home. The logic behind this cost-saving tip is that if you are eating home, you are not consuming unhealthy food that would weigh on your wallet and the scale.

4 – Netherlands – Cycling Counts

There are more bikes in Netherlands than the number of people living there. This alone proves the fact Dutch are fond of burning their calories with a quick ride to the grocery store or nearby park. This helps to keep city pollution low and calories burned high.

5 – France – Family Meals Are Elaborate Affairs

If you have been missing out on your family meals, now is the time to reconnect. The French have a healthy appetite and so they like to have elaborate meals, over which they can hold discussions about all aspects of their lives as they chew their food slowly. The process of chewing food slowly is very favorable for weight loss since the brain sends the body of being full. The discussions make it a wholesome meal since they distract the mind from the body’s signals to eat more.

6 – Germany – Kickstart With Breakfast

Remember the counsel from your parents to finish your breakfast before you head out to school? Well, you should stick to the same rule. Nearly three quarters of the German population are in the habit of consuming a wholesome meal before they head out to work. And this practice keeps them staying lean and fit. As per the findings of a British study, if you skip your breakfast, your brain responds actively to any food item it sees, making you eat more than you would have had for breakfast.

7 – Switzerland – A Magical Bowl Of Muesli

Need a quick fix solution for your meal? Muesli is great for high-energy days. Moreover, it helps keep your waistline from expanding. Since the Swiss recipe is made from dry fruits, raw oats, nuts, grains and seeds, the fiber content in these ingredients keeps the body feeling full for quite some time.

8 – Thailand – Spice It Up A Bit

Though spicy foods may not have topped your cuisine list, it is a good choice especially if you want to get rid of extra fat on your body. Since Thai food is loaded with spices, the tangy flavors slow down your eating process, allowing the brain to send the body signals of fullness. This leads to lower consumption of food and subsequently lesser weight gain.

9 – Mexico – Love Your Lunchtime

Many doctors recommend that you should take your biggest meal between 2 to 4 p.m. Mexicans are quite aware of the benefits of a hearty lunchtime and do not shy away from filling their stomachs during the daytime. The catch here is that by eating so much during the day, you burn it easily and end up eating less during the full day.

End Note

The above cultural preferences can act as great weight loss tips. All you have to do is try these secret formulas and see which one works best for you.