Tips To Beat Your Devastating Inflammation

Learn how to pour cold water on that raging fire.

Most of us have been victims of that deadly inflammation that makes us churn from time to time. And while you can relate to the agony it brings, it is essential for you to decipher the basics of this silent killer before you gulp down buckets of water to dampen that flame.

Understanding Inflammation

  • Inflammation can be categorized into two types – acute and chronic. While the first type may be a natural way to heal wounds, chronic inflammation causes serious health issues such as heart problems, arthritis and insulin resistance.
  • Our lifestyles comprise of bad food choices, low activity levels and monotonous jobs, which in turn welcome inflammation. There are many triggers for that deadly inflammation. However, the countermeasures that we use to fight off that burning sensation are nearly non-existent or unsuitable.

Save Your Body From Ailments

A common link between the most deadly diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, depression, heart diseases and arthritis is inflammation. But as mentioned above there are types of inflammation, which are described below.

Acute Inflammation

Body’s natural way to treat trauma and wounds, acute inflammation helps heal wounds. Usually, as soon as the body requires a natural treatment, you start feeling the burn. It stays there as long as the recovery is done and then slowly dissipates. Acute inflammation helps your muscles grow after a workout.

Chronic Inflammation

You need to be wary of this type of inflammation, which is related to a series of diseases listed above. In this condition the body starts producing inflammation and fails to shut off the process, turning it an agonizing nightmare. White cells in the body are signalled by the brain to attack your body and you experience scourging pains and restlessness.

The Connection

But what relation does inflammation have with our lifestyle, our health and gym performance? There is a strong connection between that burn that makes our body churn out with pain and our gym performances. Basically it’s a battle between your body’s lack of command vs. its ability to keep things under control.

Our Surrounding Are Pro Inflammatory

The environment that surrounds us totally pro inflammation. In an attempt to counter these looming threats we adopt unsuitable anti-inflammatory measures that actually trigger them. Our toxic surroundings make an ideal breeding ground for factors that cause inflammation. Sleep deprivation and processed foods are welcoming signs for burning sensation to reign our bodies.

Tips To Beat Inflammation

Incorporating following measures into your lifestyle can help you cope up with undesirable condition.

Opt For Fermented Foods

Nutritionists fully understand the value of foods that are gut friendly and their impacts on our physiological and psychological health. There is a two-way relation between your brain health and your gut. If anyone of the two is in poor condition, it is bound to affect the other in a negative manner. Though gut health may not seem important for a weightlifter or an athlete, it has a deep connection with your athletic ability. Taking care of your gut is actually notching up your gym performance and recovery.

Foods such as yogurt, sourdough bread and kefir flourish gut microbiota leading to a stronger gut/brain relation.

Say No To Processed Foods  

The biggest favour you do to yourself to up your gym performance is cutting out highly processed foods. Remember it’s not about counting calories, it about considering food composition and choosing non-processed healthier options. Fast food are loaded with trans fats, which have strong link with systematic inflammation.

Consume Fish Oil

Extensive researches on fish oil show that it quite useful in combating inflammation. It is also useful for muscle protein synthesis. Consuming fish oil capsules can help you get rid of that ugly burning sensation you desperately want to get rid of.

Intermittent Fasting Or Ketogenic Diet

Fasting and Ketogenic diets elevate ketones in the body which in turn accelerates NLRP3 inflammasome, putting an end to your chronic burning sensation.

Keto diet and fasting also improve cortisol levels (which are good in certain conditions) in the body, and thus beating inflammation becomes quite easy with this approach. Fasting also elevates insulin sensitivity, regulates blood pressure and oxidative stress without compromising on your muscle mass, making it an ideal win-win situation.

So if you don’t want to follow a keto diet, follow some sort of fasting plan and get rid of your inflammation, improve your digestion and insulin sensitivity. But make sure that you do it occasionally and do not adopt it as a permanent part of your lifestyle.

Adopt Healthy Activities

Anxiety is directly correlated to inflammation and the ability to deal with fatigue varies from person to person. Engaging in healthy coping mechanisms such as morning walks, yoga, meditation or some quality time with your loved ones can help you combat with inflammation quite effectively.

Pay Heed To Your Sleeping Pattern

Your biggest weapon against inflammation is healthy sleep, which also improves appetite, glucose metabolism and fat oxidation.

Our environment plays a major role in our sleep pattern. The blues lights from our technological gadgets disturb natural circadian rhythms that lull our bodies to sleep. To prep up your body, switch off all gadgets and hit the bed at a decided time.