Jarrell Miller Calls Rival Anthony Joshua, “Barbie Doll”

Jarrell Miller is slated to face Anthony Joshua as first opponent next year in the United States. The American mocked the Briton in London this Wednesday by claiming that Joshua is, “the Barbie Doll of the division”.

This is not the first time Miller has mocked Joshua publicly. Previously, Miller had mocked the British fighter at the news-conference launch of Eddie Hearn’s deal with streaming service DAZN in July.

Miller continued,

“When you are babysat for your entire career and you think you are the king, it’s a shock when someone steps up to you and shows you that you’re less than a speck of dirt on their window. I don’t put on a front or act, I call him the Barbie Doll of the heavyweight division. I am more like the Penguin from Batman, the big bad villain.”

“You need these big characters in boxing and everyone knows I am also a fun-loving guy who just loves his dessert. But inside the ring I am a terror and a monster. Anthony Joshua has something I want so his head on a platter will be nice.”

Both heavyweights are expected to face each other on Saturday night at the O2 Arena, where heavyweights Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora fight for a second time. Whyte will face Anthony Joshua at Wembley Stadium on April 13, if he wins. Miller aims to fight Joshua late in the summer in New York.

Miller also said,

“He needs me more than I need him right now, I am not rushing in to anything but I want the fight. I want to punch him in the face but we have to get the timing right. He needs me because he needs to come to America and he needs the right opponent to make that fight happen.”

“When he fought Alexander Povetkin over here in his last fight he did not even sell Wembley out. He needs a proper opponent to keep selling tickets and bring the excitement back.”

Though Miller has trashtalked Joshua time and time over, the American heavyweight has promised to keep calm on Saturday night.

“I have given my word to Eddie Hearn that I will be PG13 but I see myself as a ‘real model’ and not a role model. This is strictly business and the fight on Saturday is all about Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora. I am not here to push any buttons just yet but I just want to take everything in and introduce myself to the British fans.”

The heavyweights almost came to blows in New York this summer when Miller joked he would take his rival’s mum on a date. The two were forced to keep apart in the Big Apple last weekend when Canelo Alvarez beat Rocky Fielding.

Miller also added: “Mum jokes are normal where I grew up; if you cannot handle a mum joke then you are never going to survive in Brooklyn or Queens.

“If he signs a contract with me he will need a bullet-proof joke vest because I will be coming with them non-stop.”