Tenshin Nasakuwa Promises To Avenge McGregor’s Defeat at RIZIN 14

Conor McGregor wasn’t reluctant to ridicule his former boxing nemesis Floyd Mayweather on Instagram about his upcoming fight inside the cage as part of RIZIN 14. The event is scheduled to take place on December 31 at Saitama near Tokyo, Japan.

41-year-old American boxer is to face off undefeated Kickboxing star Tenshin Nasakuwa from Japan. In response to the Notorious’ hyped up message to Mayweather, 20-year-old Japanese fighter has promised to ‘avenge’ McGregor’s defeat. Nasakuwa comes with a clean resume of 27-0 in Kickboxing and 4-0 in MMA. The ruleset of the upcoming fight between the two titans of Boxing and Kickboxing has to be finalized.

McGregor attacked his former opponent in a profane Instagram post where he called Mayweather “mad little bastard” and referred Nasakuwa to “Jackie Chan” while sharing his opinions about the upcoming bout. 

Nasakuwa took to Twitter to respond to McGregor’s defiled comments.

“Hello Mr. McGregor. My Name is Tenshin Nasakuwa. I am not Jackie Chan. I promise to avenge your loss so please watch my fight.”Tenshin Nasakuwa

The Japanese prodigy last victory comes against UFC star Kyoji Horiguchi in a kickboxing bout. Mayweather vs. Nasakuwa is all set to take place at Saitama Super Arena as part of RIZIN 14.

Do you think Tenshin Nasakuwa would be able to keep his promise to Conor McGregor? Let us know what you think.

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