3 Killer MMA Training Workouts Using Punching Bags

Most of the MMA fighters often overlook that poor chubby guy hanging from the ceiling of their training gyms.

Punching bag is frequently used by the boxers all across the globe. It is a common misconception that it is a boxing accessory only.

Don’t play with your punching bag to land the powerful blows only.

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Advantages of Punching Bag Training

Along with punching strength, heavy bags are a very effective piece of equipment to:

  • Improve the power of punch delivery.
  • Boost up the reflexes.
  • Master striking combos.
  • Practice low-intensity aerobic workout by moving around at steady pace.
  • Practice high-intensity anaerobic workout by throwing hard punches with KO power and speed.
  • Perform bodyweight exercises at timed intervals for an intense workout.
  • Work with extreme levels of fatigue.
  • Improve footwork.

Practice some footwork drills here.

MMA Punching Bag Workout#1

This workout is based on 5 rounds and is made especially for the MMA fighters.

What To Do?

There are 6 different stages of moves in the workout:

  1. Joint Mobility + Dynamic Stretching: 5 minutes
  2. Jump Rope (single leg, high knees, double-unders): 5 minutes
  3. MMA Shadowboxing: 5 minutes
  4. Heavy Bag Striking with Hands and Elbows: 5 minutes
  5. Heavy Bag Striking with Kicks and Knees: 5 minutes
  6. Freestyle Punching Bag Strikes: 15 minutes

How To Practice Heavy Bag Strikes?

Divide your heavy bag training and strikes (stage 4-5) into 5 rounds.

In round#1, throw hands and elbows only. Work on your feet and defense as if you are sparring with your training partner.

In round#2, throw kicks and knees. Follow the same guidelines as in round#1 and work in a real-life combat situation.

In round#3, 4, 5, pull both of the above rounds together.

You have 4 aims in this punching bag workout:

  • Fluidity
  • Power
  • Crispness
  • Solidity

MMA Punching Bag Workout#2

In this workout, you will work on heavy bag as well as bodyweight exercises.

Pick up a good gym timer as here you will be working in 3 15-minute rounds. Each round is tightly packed with a punch bag strike and bodyweight exercise.

Get yourself trained to deal with the fatigue in the real fight!


Perform these exercises in a sequence, each for 1 minute.

  • Push Ups
  • Punch Bag Strikes
  • Squat Jumps
  • Punch Bag Strikes
  • Core Work


Perform these exercises in a sequence, each for 1 minute.

  • Punch Bag Strikes
  • Chin-ups + Pull ups + Inverted Rows
  • Punch Bag Strikes
  • Burpees / Sprawls
  • Punch Bag Strikes


Perform these exercises in a sequence, each for 1 minute.

  • Bear Crawl
  • Punch Bag Strikes
  • Jumping Lunges
  • Punch Bag Strikes
  • Core Work

MMA Punching Bag Strength Workout

Most of the punching bags available in the market have a good weight for strength workouts.

You need an extremely hard and heavy punching bag for this workout. You can also buy an empty punching bag and add a filling that suits your rock-hard training exercises.

  1. Heavy Bag Shouldering: 25/side

  1-minute Rest

  1. Heavy Bag Zercher Squat: 25

  2-minute Rest

  1. Heavy Bag Floor Press: 40.

  1-minute Rest

  1. Heavy Bag Ground and Pound: 2-3 minutes

  30-second Rest

  1. Heavy Bag Transitions with Side Control, Knee on Belly, Mount while throwing elbows, punches, and knees to the body: 2-3 minutes

  30-second Rest

Use punching bag to improve your striking skills and variable combinations.

If you want to throw a killer combination, here are the basic tips and tricks!

Never ignore the punching bag exercises to test your striking and punching limits.