Singles’ Day Deals For Her – It’s Time To Love Yourself All Over Again

Staying single in this fast-paced world requires serious guts and a lot of determination. Though you enjoy attention everywhere you go, the constant scrutiny that comes along with the lifestyle choice can sometimes be daunting to deal with. Singles’ day is the perfect time to pamper yourself for the choices that you have made to and are willing to stick to them for long. Today’s woman doesn’t necessarily need a shoulder to cry on. She is equipped with all the right tools to keep her well-protected while she relishes her individuality. This Singles’ day pay an ode to your iron will with this indestructible gear that would accompany you through night and day.

F41 Fitness Gym Gloves

Looking your best this Singles’ day by getting yourself F41 Fitness gym gloves from RDX Sports. This functional gear can be used for a variety of workouts and can help you effectively realize your fitness goals. Styled using suede, Lycra and premium quality leather, the gloves allow flow of air, keeping the hands fresh during strenuous workouts. The gloves offer maximum cushioning to the palm with complete hand coverage. These multipurpose gloves can be used for weightlifting, fencing, climbing, archery and gymnastics. In order to ensure the right fit for your delicate yet determined hands, the gloves come with an extended hook and loop closure, keeping the wrist safe from any undesired impact.

IP Women Pink Inner Gloves

If you want extra protection for your hands during a grueling fight or a challenging sparring session, then IP Women pink inner gloves from RDX Sports are an accessory that you shouldn’t miss out on. Specifically designed to provide extra cushioning, these in-ring support gloves are constructed using a unique woven carbon fiber that molds your hands. The gloves provide wrist and thumb coverage, keeping the fragile bones safeguarded against any risk of injury. Extremely feminine yet fierce, these pretty pink inner gloves are every single warrior’s dream come true.

F10 Heavy Filled Punch Bag

Enjoy your Singles’ day evening with a challenging punching session with this Heavy filled punch bag from RDX Sports. Prove that today’s woman is no less competitive than a man by executing ferocious blows on this heavy bag. Constructed to be indestructible, the equipment is ready to absorb all the wrath and ambition that you throw at it. These hand-stitched bags are not going to quit, just like you. This Singles’ day get something as challenging as yourself.

L3 Base Layer Rash Guard Sweatshirt

Staying safe from abrasive rashes is now possible regardless how difficult your fight is. Base layer rash guard sweatshirt from RDX Sports is designed using NEO II fabric that would keep your skin safe from any kind of friction. With its stretchable material and anti-wicking properties, the apparel provides maximum agility without you having to break a sweat. This Singles’ day be comfortable in your own skin with this trendy rash guard sweatshirt. Get most of 11/11 by purchasing any of these items from Singles’ day deals for her.