Speed Bag Boxing – Speed Boxing Your Hands Like A Pro

Speed bag is a small bag, nearly the size of a foot that hangs from a platform usually attached to a wall and moves very fast. Often it tops the chart of favourite workout for boxers, who practice on speed bag to keep their agility and reflexes intact. The bag appears to be in a form of a tear, thin from the top and expanding at the base. The bag is filled with air and is extremely light; hence, it moves in a very fast speed.

Benefits Of Boxing Speed Bag

It is vital for boxers to stay accustomed to objects in fast motion. This is because while in a ring, opponents bombard fiery punches in a nick of second. In order to keep themselves safe from the onslaught of punches and counter attack the opponent, boxers must hone their reflexes, enabling them to quickly respond to sudden stimuli.

It is an excellent way to encourage eye-hand coordination. Since boxers have to deal with the pain of hitting opponents who are constantly treading in the ring, therefore, boxing a speed bag helps the boxer better their experiences off ring.


To start off with your practice, adjust the height of the bag to a level that its bottom is in front of your eyes enabling you to reach out with your arms. Stand in front of the speed bag with your feet shoulder width apart. Your feet should not be wobbly as in a boxing style, but placed squarely on the ground. Now begin hitting the bag with your non-dominant hand, forcing it on the widest part of the bag at its bottom. Then move the fist to the side so that the area below the little finger hits the speed bag.

Photo: RDX Punching Speed Ball Platform Set

Bag Movement

The bag exhibits a particular movement when it is initially hit. It moves backwards smacking the mount, then moves forward towards the boxer smacking the mount again, and then goes back hitting the mount the third time. When it has made the third hit, punch it with your hands as it comes forward towards you.

For starters, it’s best to wait for the bag to hit the mount three times so that they have ample time readying next move. With constant practice, you can hone your reflexes and shoot at the bag after it strikes the mount for the first time. Usually pro boxers hit the bag as soon as it strikes the mount initially, leaving little room for reaction, hence quickening their reflexes.

Use Of Both Hands

While you begin practicing the hitting, start off with the non-dominant hand. Once you have mastered striking your target despite its speed, start off with the second hand.  After you are comfortable using your hands separately, it’s time to make most of your speed bag using both hands. You can begin by using your non-dominant hand and then wait for the bag to hit the mount three times. As soon as the bag makes the third strike with the mount, use your other hand to hit it again. This way keep alternating your hands at the bag as it returns towards you after hitting the mount for three consecutive times. Once you catch up with the rhythm you will notice that your both hands are in constant motion which somewhat seems familiar to a pedaling motion.

Take It Pro

It won’t take long for you to practice with both hands on the speed bag. Once you have mastered the basics, it’s time for you to up your performance by hitting the bag extra harder. This would make the bag move quickly, giving you less time to keep up with the commotion. When the momentum is built, make sure that you hit the bag as soon as it moves forward after striking the mount for the first time. Keep altering hands as you move them in a circular motion one after another. Initially altering your hands to keep hitting the bag may seem very difficult. However, by taking it slow and mastering each step, soon you will be boxing the bag like a pro.