Top MMA Fights 2017

MMA had a tough year. The biggest name in Mixed Martial Arts was busy making his Boxing debut and another big name was embroiled in controversy. But the warriors of MMA still put on great shows despite all that. They were supreme in their efforts to defeat their opponents in the most violent way possible. Here are the best  MMA Fights 2017;

Dustin Poirier vs Anthony Pettis

Dustin Poirier was a revelation in 2017. He faced Anthony Pettis and completely outclassed him.

He also won ‘Fight of the Night’ bonuses twice in the year.

In his fight with Pettis, Poirier was composed. He didn’t just brawl. He boxed, he wrestled, and he overwhelmed the opponent with his hitting power.

We are hoping to see a lot more of him in the coming days.

Bonus – Cris ‘Cyborg’ vs Holly Holm

This one hasn’t happened yet but this will be the most exciting women’s matchup ever, period.

The dominating Cyborg will take on Holm in a few days’ time.

Cyborg and Holm in parallel

Cyborg has decimated every opponent standing in her way. Holm hasn’t had the best of luck in her last few bouts.

Hold did manage to knockout Ronda Rousey at the height of her powers. Could she pull off another upset?

Tim Elliott vs Louis Smolka

This slugfest deserved a spot on the list of top MMA fights 2017.

It was an old school drag and a grappling fight between Tim Elliot and Louis Smolka.

The wrestling and submission hold filled fight had some of the best grappling action that you will ever see. After 15 minutes of competition, Elliot was named the winner via unanimous decision.

Eddie Alvarez vs Justin Gaethje

This was a FIGHT! There were shots in this match that would’ve knocked most fighters out. The heart-pounding action went almost all the way to the end.

Gaethje tore at his opponent with vicious low kicks.

Alvarez did the bulk of his damage with head and body shots.

Both fighters were bloody when the third round started. Victory seemed near for Gaethje as Alvarez’s leg was buckling under his weight.

But the ending of the fight was just as exciting as the match itself.

Gaethje was ducking down when he was caught by Alvarez with a knee. That finally did the trick.

Alvarez came out on top in this incredible fight.

Yancy Medeiros vs Alex Oliveira

Someone definitely walked out with a concussion from this fight. But was a hell of entertaining to watch.

Medeiros has one of the worst defenses in the sport and Oliveira is a precise striker. You can guess the outcome of this match easily.

If you guessed an easy win for Oliveira, then you would be wrong.

In one word, this fight was SAVAGE!

These two fighters went at each other with no regard for their own safety. The fans appreciated the help out of these amazing athletes.

In the end, it was Oliveira who couldn’t take any more punishment.

Not sure if these two even remember when that fight happened but it will be remembered as one of the best of the year by every MMA fan.

Justin Gaethje vs. Michael Johnson

Honorable Mentions for Top MMA Fights 2017

  • Jingliang vs Camacho
  • Marquez vs Stewart
  • Camacho vs Brown
  • Sherman vs Coulter
  • Vannata vs Green
  • Dillashaw vs Garbrandt
  • Andrade vs Hill
  • Jingliang vs Nash
  • Namajunas vs Jedrzejczyk

Michael Bisping vs George St-Pierre

This one was special and it became an immediate favorite of ours.

Bisping had proven himself as champion but GSP was his toughest test yet.

GSP was moving up in weight classes to face Bisping. GSP coming out of retirement was exciting enough for fans but him moving up in weight and facing a fighter like Bisping…that had everyone at the edge of their seat.

GSP vs Bisping

The returning champ didn’t disappoint.

Bisping had GSP on the ropes a few times but he came back with a flurry and had Bisping in a submission hold.

The rest was history.

These were the most thrilling, entertaining, and exciting MMA fights of the year. Did we miss any top MMA Fights 2017? Give us a shout with your favorites of the year!