Khabib Nurmagomedov Compares Himself To Boxing’s Undefeated King Floyd Mayweather

In a matter of just ten days we would be witnessing pure fireworks in T- Mobile Arena in Las Vegas as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor would be showcasing their best potentials in a fight not only for lightweight title but also for pride and honor. The bout would be aired pay-per-view as part of UFC 229 main card event. This is the first time defender Khabib would be taking on former lightweight and featherweight champion McGregor.

While the bout has been dubbed as the biggest in the promotion’s history, fans were quite disappointed at the low promotion of the fight of such huge momentum. However, things took a new twist when the two contenders were present in UFC 299 press conference on September 20 in New York. As expected the encounter got a steamed up. For the most part of the promotion, Conor was keen on promoting his whiskey, while Khabib remained poised, ready to face off any insults thrown by his arch rival.

During the conference, Nurmagomedov compared himself to the boxing’s undefeated king Floyd Mayweather Jr. The boxing’s top star remains unbeaten after 50 fights and is all-time top boxer in pound-to-pound ratings.

Since the Dagestani Eagle hasn’t tasted defeated thus far in his professional career that spans around 26 fights, he found to make the comparison easy. This is what the fighter had to say in the press conference.

“I am the Floyd Mayweather in MMA. Right now, I am most active and dominant UFC champion. This is my third fight in last nine months and 26-0, never lose round. I don’t know what (McGregor) is talking about. I don’t understand what he gonna do 6 October. He think whiskey gonna help him?”

A win in T-Mobile Arena over his bitter rival will add another accolade to his flawless resume inching it up to an impressive 27-0. However, a coveted victory for the long awaited bout wouldn’t come easy.

The Irish artist has certain unmatched skills that make him a dreadful opponent inside the octagon. McGregor has a lethal knockout ratio, as he has dropped most of his opponents during the first or second round. However, he hasn’t faced someone of Khabib’s caliber, who boasts an intimidating stance inside the cage. With two of the exceptionally nocuous artists colliding in a satanic rhythm, T-Mobile Arena on Oct 6 is sure to witness a festival of fury.

What is your prediction about UFC 229 main card event in T-Mobile Arena?