Young, Hungry & Fearless: Race to the British Heavyweight Title

The British heavyweight title is up for grabs this Saturday at the O2 Arena, London. Daniel Dubois and Nathan Gorman are not only competing for the title but also aiming to solidify their name in the heavyweight category. ‘Dynamite’ Dubois has bagged 11 straight victories, 10 knockouts, while Gorman has been undefeated in 16 of his fights with 11 Kos of his own. This alone gives insight into who the ‘boxer or the fighter’ is.

Social media is buzzing with such an exciting heavyweight event. Both fighters have a distinct fighting style and approach towards their opponents. Dubois with his deadly knockout power and Nathan the slick, speedy technician. Many are betting ‘Dynamite’ with his punching power to come through and knock Nathan out cold in the initial 6 rounds while others feel Nathan will out box him past the 6th.

Dubois has had a 91 percent KO average, with Kevin Johnson being the only one against him to hear the final bell being rung. The fight against Johnson, which went on for 10 rounds, goes on to show that Dubois just might have the stamina to back up his power, something that will help him in his upcoming fight. Dubois is also confident enough to see himself as the third youngest British heavyweight champion.

Gorman has been trained by welterweight legend Ricky Hatton whose style is very apparent in his protégé’s technique. Switching up his style, Nathan’s aggression has improved ever since his bout against Jindrich Velecky in 2015. Gorman’s technique and ability to turn up the heat comes from a lineage of boxing history with the likes of Tyson Fury, his cousin, cornering him. He has also fought Kevin Johnson in a 10 round bout that he won on points. The fighter is more than eager to show his grit against Dubois.

If Gorman can turn his defense into offense during the fight, then he has the potential to tire Dubois out and work him up in the later rounds. It should be noted that Dubois is not elusive to punches even if he has more strength in this regard. For Gorman to win, he needs to slip shots in the initial rounds and work his way on the inside. Dubois has been 10 rounds only once while Gorman has seen the full twelve.

Nathan is a boxer who has an edge through technique, speed, agility, and head movement. But all it takes is one shot from a power puncher like Dubois, and it is light’s out.

While both these phenomenal athletes have an equal chance of winning – RDX Sports will be rooting for #TeamRDX and #TeamGorman always.

That being said, we wish Daniel Dubois good luck, and may the best athlete win.