The 24 Hour Healthy Lifestyle for Weight Loss

A proven and effective way to lose weight is an overhaul of your whole lifestyle. It isn’t easy making all those changes and adopting a healthy lifestyle. But that is exactly the type of dramatic action you need to take for weight loss and fitness.

It will not happen all at once, you have to take baby steps and bring a slow but steady change to your lifestyle.

To make it easier on yourself you can take it one moment at a time. You can do this by following the 24-hour routine mentioned below. You can select one thing on it that you can do easily and then move on to the next one until you are living the healthy lifestyle that is similar to this:

Healthy Lifestyle – Routine to Follow

Exercise (Use at start) | Healthy Lifestyle

6 – 7am

This should be your wake up time. Don’t be so surprised, when we said drastic, we meant drastic.

When you wake up early and exercise, you are more likely to stick to your routine. You can also give your metabolism a kick start by working out before having your breakfast. Go for a run or follow a comprehensive at home workout like this.

This means you will be burning more calories throughout the day. If that wasn’t enough, you will also improve your sleep quality by waking up early in the morning.

After 7am

After your exercise, you need to cool down. This would be a good time for a bit of light yoga or simple meditation.

This is helpful in so many ways. You can get yourself centered before starting the day. And your stress levels will definitely go down with the addition of this activity early in the morning.

After 7:30am

A few minutes after the meditation, you can have your breakfast.

Stay away from sugary breakfast items. Have a healthy breakfast, ideally with lots of protein.

The meal should contain plenty of protein to refuel you after the workout and fiber to keep you full until lunch.

8 – 9am

This is probably about the time when you commute to work. Here is an idea, don’t drive to work. You can choose to walk or even ride a bike to work if it is possible for you.

If your workplace is too far for a walk, then public transportation is a good option. You will have to walk a bit and you don’t have to concentrate on driving that gives your mind a break. So you will get to work with a fresher mind.

After 10:30am

It’s time to take a break from work and take a walk if possible. Sitting down for long periods of time is not good for your body. You can even try some stretches to get the blood flowing.

If your work involves physical activity, then you may want to sit down for a bit.

Try not to snack during this break. If you must, then go for a low calorie snack.


It’s time for lunch. This should be your second biggest meal of the day, breakfast being the biggest. You can learn more about meal times and meal portions by clicking here.

It is a trend in many western countries to eat the largest portions for dinner. This is not a good practice, especially when it comes to weight loss.

A healthy lifestyle practice would be to eat a hearty lunch, something that will keep you full until dinner time.

Sleep (Use at end) | Healthy Lifestyle


Time for another break from work. Follow the same routine as in the first break.

You can have a small healthy snack during this break. Fruit, vegetable or nuts are ideal.


By this time you should be home.

Freshen up and rest for a bit before it’s time for dinner.

Time for your smallest meal of the day. Dinner has to have all the right nutrients; protein, complex carbs, etc. Concentrate on good sources of protein and whole grain foods.

After 9:30pm

This would be the ideal time that you need to start preparing your body for sleep. Don’t watch any TV after this time and, if possible, put away all your digital devices.

You need to relax and ease your mind, this way sleep will not be disturbed.


At this point in the day, you should be falling asleep. If you woke up according to this schedule, then you should fall asleep at this hour because you need 8 hours of sleep.

Getting the optimum amount of sleep is important for weight loss. Lack of sleep can be a big factor in disturbing your appetite and eating habits.

After thoroughly reading the healthy lifestyle program above, you can choose which healthy lifestyle practice is the easiest for you to adopt. After that you all the rest will follow in due time.