Boxing is a great sport. It not only helps to keep you physically and mentally fit but it also teaches you self-control and discipline. Boxing requires vigorous exercises and patience since you can get into shape after continued practicing for a few months. To get into shape, you need to do vigorous trainings with the right protective gears. These gears will help you to improve your performance and protect you from unexpected and sudden injuries.

If you are a professional gym owner or starting your gym, you need to have the correct protective equipment for the all professional and new boxers for bouts and training sessions. The equipment does not need to be fancy or expensive. It just needs to be reliable, affordable and of good-quality. Here is the list of the must-have 4 essential boxing protective equipment items.

Hand Wraps

A hand wrap is an integral part of your boxing protective equipment that helps prevent hand injuries. The hand wrap supports your wrist, knuckles, hands, and joints. It also protects the joints in your hand and helps the shock after a boxing punch distributes through your hand. In addition, a hand wrap will also add extra protection for your thumb.

While looking for a hand wrap, its type, length, and material are crucial that will help you remain comfortable and be capable of completing repeated hits, especially when doing bag work. Most boxers use cloth wraps which are a good standard choice, whereas tape and gauze wraps are the lightest and widely available options. RDX offers hand wraps that are superior, highly affordable, long-lasting and are easy to maintain.

RDX T17 Aura Boxing Hand Wraps

Head Guard

When training for big fights, boxing or participating in competitions as an amateur boxer, a head guard is an essential piece of protective equipment. You need to have the best protection when boxing in the ring. Ideal for avoiding unwanted injuries when training and also allows you to go hard without fear of injury.

If you are going to start your boxing gym or going for boxing at the gym, you need to invest in a strong and good quality protective head guard that keeps your head protected. The RDX range of head guard has been carefully designed to meet the demands and expectations of every each user. They are thickly padded with a smooth cushioning inside while maintaining a supple grip. Also, superior ventilation technology further helps in moisture-wicking that guarantees a comfortable fit.

Mouth guard

A high-quality mouth guard is a must-have gear for sparring and competitive fight in your boxing protective equipment kit. Mouth guards aim to protect your teeth and gums and help to absorb and diffuse the shock of impact to help prevent injury.

Whether you a professional boxer or a beginner, a good quality mouth guard is a must-have protective equipment, irrespective of your age, style or skills. A mouth guard protects your teeth and gums and helps to absorb and diffuse the shock of impact to help prevent injury. Before going for a fight or a training session, you need to buy a reliable mouth guard to keep you going without losing your teeth. RDX mouth guards are one of the best available in the market. Exclusively designed with high technology in different styles and sizes, it provides adequate protection and keeps you confident throughout the fights.

Groin Guard

The last but not the least, Groin Guard needs to be in your list of boxing protective equipment. They are essential for boxing enthusiasts who train in boxing to cushion the sensitive areas from the accidental strikes.

When it comes to buying a groin guard there are several things that you should keep in mind. The main features to consider are safety, size, comfort, and price. RDX groin guards are designed especially to give you more flexible movement and mobility. Made with gel technology, it keeps your sensitive areas dry and protected. Moreover, its unbeatable comfort, perfect fit, and affordable price make it the top choice for every athlete.

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