4 Reasons why Fall is the Best Season for Fitness

As fall approaches, everything starts looking and feeling better. Although some might want to debate for winters, spring or summer but in reality, nothing beats the cool, crisp air and crunchy leaves to walk on. It is the season for tasty seasonal treats and the gateway season for all the festivities up ahead.

No pools of sweat like summers and no piling up layers for winters, just the moderate fall with its cool breezes and bright skies.

Apart from all that, fall is the best season to start working on your fitness, here’s why:

  1. No drenching in sweat

This specially applies to people who like working out outdoors but fall is equally pleasant for people utilizing the gyms or the comfort of their own homes for working out. While working out in summers, you usually get drenched in sweat after 10 minutes of cardio or even strength training. Fall gives you an advantage of enjoying your workout without getting drenched. Go for a run and enjoy the breeze touching your face keeping it sweat free for a longer. It will also help you maintain body temperature that will help you keep your breath normal and not make you pant easily. With sweat and panting being under control you can work out easily for a longer period of time and feel great about your achievement later.

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  1. Variety of seasonal produce

Nothing compliments your workout like a healthy and nutritious diet. Your power packed nutrition will keep you energized throughout the day and during workout. Just head out to the local grocery store and pick up all those apples, pears and seasonal vegetables such as pumpkins and beetroots. Fruits and vegetables like these are packed with all the antioxidants and minerals that your body craves throughout the year to keep it going. Moreover, local produce is far cheaper than farm produced vegetables, more reason to buy local as it helps you save money too!

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  1. The Gateway Season of Festivals

That’s right! Halloween season is here too, fall is welcomed by fresh pumpkins all set to be carved and consumed during the Halloween. Fall is the perfect weather to participate in a marathon or a run that promotes a social cause or usual fitness. Once you participate in an outdoor event that requires physical activity, you get to know how much fun it is to run/jog. Also, what a fun event it would be where you would be able to connect and interact with like-minded individuals. You can also encourage your children to accompany you so they can develop a habit of working out and keeping fit as well. It will only help them in the longer run.

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  1. The gym starts to fill up!

As the holiday season starts, many of us are motivated to get into shape or at least retain the shape we’re already in, saving those extra pounds margin for Christmas. It is advised to take full advantage of the fact that the weather is by all means in your favor and you can use the most of it to spice up your fitness routine. Take a step, go out for a light jog and develop the habit gradually. No one is born with the stamina of an athlete, it takes time to reach there. Register in your nearest gym and plan your fitness regime. Another advantage of hitting the gym would be that you’ll be able to find a gym buddy and you two can be each other’s motivation to lose weight or simple stay fit. The gyms are going to be filled with people who are dedicated and you will be motivated just by looking at them.

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So don’t waste the opportunity and give yourself the experience of a perfect workout this Fall by indulging in all those outdoor and in-gym activities that will drive you closer towards your fitness goals! Good luck and Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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