4th of July

Independence Day, a day that celebrates the Spirit of America. Celebrating the land of the free, home of the brave – the land of diversity coming together on a united front.  A day to celebrate all of the aforementioned while being mindful of the sacrifices made to achieve independence and realizing what a blessing it is to be free.

Times are tough but that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate the spirit of freedom. We should support each other, help those in need, and have empathy for our fellow citizens and the world at large. Every life matters. So, this independence day let’s start by practicing compassion and tolerance towards each other. Acceptance and tolerance are the gateways to strength and unity.

So, while you set out to celebrate this 4th of July (responsibly), take this message to heart and help spread the positivity. To guarantee that you have a great time, make sure to pack an ample supply of fireworks and food. The Fourth of July is quite an exciting and spirited time in the United States! One of the best ways to celebrate is by watching a colorful fireworks display at your Local Park or stadium. A beautiful display of fireworks lights up the sky with colors of red, white, and blue and helps make the 4th of July celebrations memorable for everyone.

To celebrate the spirit of the 4th of July RDX brings you exclusive bundles to cover all your combat sport needs and essentials. Linked below are the exclusive bundles available this Independence day.


  1. Noir T15 Boxing gloves and Training Mitts

  • Handcrafted ConvEX Skin Combat Leather for long-lasting resilience
  • Quadro-Dome™ mould disperses force equally across the glove
  • EVA-LUTION FOAM padded palms perfect for speed and combo drills

2. Noir T15 Boxing gloves and Hybrid MMA gloves

  • EVA padding provides ultimate shock absorbance while XFOAM palm cushions against heavy blows
  • MMA gloves manufactured from sturdy and durable ConvEX Skin leather material.
  • MG-1 padded mold for effective impact diffusion to protect your knuckles

3. Noir T15 Gym workout shirt and Boxing gloves 

  • Comfortable round-neck t-shirt anatomically designed to conform to your body perfectly.
  • T-shirt manufactured from 100% polyester fabric for maximum performance
  • Quick EZ hook-and-loop wrist strap gloves for secure wear and easy on/off application

4. Noir T15 hybrid MMA gloves and Shinguards


  • These MMA gloves are manufactured using sturdy and durable ConvEX Skin leather material
  • Shell Shock™ Gel for consistent shock diffusion across instep surface
  • Supremo-Shock™ Foam padding to swallow and diffuse impact

5. Noir T15 Training Mitts and Hybrid MMA gloves

  • EZ Grip Ball palm for improved grip
  • Quick EZ hook-and-loop straps for budge-proof wear
  • Industrial-grade stitching ensure career lasting durability

So get fired up for the holiday – spread the joy and share the excitement! Show your love for bold stripes, bright stars, and brave hearts by participating in the exclusive #RDXChallenge, based on the greatest American Entertainment Sports MMA. Give us your best version of the superman punch and get a chance to win the Independence Day $200 giveaway.