Workouts are part of everyday life, but this does not mean that injuries can’t occur if body parts are overworked or put under undue pressure.

To help you keep going, you need all kinds of support in your gym to protect your body from injuries and to keep you active and confident throughout your fitness trainings and sessions. Similarly, while setting up your gym, you need to have certain precautionary items that are  strong and reliable to help reduce the risk of injuries for professional trainers as well as for beginners. Let’s have a look at the 5-gym support items that should be a part of every gym.

RDX AB Ankle Sleeve

Ankle Support

Ankles are surprisingly complex structures of a human body. A human ankle consists of three different bones: the shinbone, calf bone and ankle bone. Athletes often injure their ankles during training or working out. Overextending an ankle can cause an ankle sprain that may lead to swelling and pain. In some cases, a severe ankle injury may result in an ankle fracture.

Reduce your risk of ankle injury by wearing an ankle support to help you keep protected during the workout. The RDX Ankle Support is made from innovative material, which provides dynamic protection and helps to keep the skin dry. They are exclusively designed to enhance body movements while keeping your ankle’s integrity together. Moreover, it provides support and compression to weak ankle joints, while helping to reduce swelling and stiffness after injury.

RDX E201 Double Strap Elbow Support

Elbow Support

Elbow sleeves are globally used by athletes, power lifters and weightlifters as a safety gear. The elbow sleeves act as a mini shield for the elbows. It improves blood circulation, provides protection, maintains body temperature, and prevents muscle soreness after exercises.

Boost your confidence and style with RDX’s Elbow Support. Suitable for various sports, training and exercise, it reaches out and embraces the weak and sore muscles, providing firm and effective support to the elbow. In addition, they provide solid support, and are super comfortable Moreover they are easy to wash and are easily affordable too.

RDX K1 Gel Padded Knee Protectors

Knee Support

Wearing knee sleeves has become crucial while in gym or doing an exercise. Knee wraps can boost your leg strength during squats, leg presses or any other leg activity. It is specially designed to protect the knee from future injury or risk of damage.

The RDX knee support is exactly what you want. It provides excellent support as it pressurizes the main parts of the body and eliminates unnecessary pressure on the parts around it. RDX knee support is made with top material to ensure strength, while incorporate moisture-wicking technology to keep the inner skin fresh and dry. Additionally, it comes with NEO-II™ material to ensure compression, blood flow and heat retention for unmatched performance. The protector is stitched using advanced T5 stitching™ for improved resilience.

RDX R2 Neoprene Compression Wrist Support Wrap

Wrist Support

Wrist support is meant to give you  extra confidence in your grip, even when you are lifting heavy weights. Higher self-confidence leads to productive workout sessions that will ultimately help you get closer to reaching your fitness goals. In addition, they offer added protection from injury, ensuring you can keep your workouts consistent.

The RDX Wrist Support helps to relieve pain through pressure on the injured wrist and provides firm support around the weakened and strained area. This exclusive wrist support with thumb hole is made of Sineo™ fabric for extra strength to provide enhanced wrist protection during excessive workouts. Wrist support is available in a variety of styles to suit your needs and support your training efforts.

RDX T6 Shin Instep Guards

Shin & Calf Support

Injuries to the calf and shin can frequently occur in simple running, sports and gym activities.  Therefore, it is essential that you equip yourself with the best support product to help speed up your recovery process and protect against common injuries around the calf and shin. Leg sleeves are often worn by athletes during exercise or recovery to assist with blood circulation in leg muscles – for less soreness, and to even ease the ache of shin splints.

RDX Shin/Calf Support provides relief that improves poor blood circulation, helps with strains, sprains and  manages symptoms of shin splints. Our reliable and top-notch shin and calf supports are great for athletes or anyone who is on their feet for long periods of time.

Gym owners, managers, trainers or home gym aspirants- if you are interested in any of the above- mentioned products then you have come to the right place as they are available for bulk sale. Download our latest product catalog for more information.