5 Ways to Knockout Your Opponent in MMA

Knockouts in MMA usually occur so shockingly that people find it hard to believe the pace with which it happened. Is it the fact that MMA Gloves have less padding than other gloves as compared to boxing? Or is it the sport and its versatility itself? One thing is for sure, there are MANY ways you can KO your opponent, and it doesn’t have to be from a punch. This article will explain the numerous ways of putting your opponent to sleep.

  1. Takedowns

When a fighter forces his opponent flat on the mat, it is a takedown. There are a number of ways you can take your opponent down, most popular are double and single leg takedown, and if your opponent doesn’t know what to do, a suplex is in order. The main objective of a takedown is to force the fight to the ground.

Even though a takedown is not considered a knockout, it’s still a good attacking move that can lead to a knockout. Most of the times they are easy to defend against unless the opponent is too fatigued to fight back. To implement a perfect takedown it is important to combine it with a bag of tricks like faking punches and shooting into a clinch or for a leg. The key to successfully implement them is pace, you must make sure that your opponent doesn’t see it coming.

Georges St-Pierre, Daniel Cormier, and Chael Sonnen have shown time and time again how deadly a takedown can be – a great example: Rampage Jackson’s slam of Ricardo Arona; and when all else fail – ground and pound is the key..

  1. Submissions

A perfect submission move is one that forces your opponent to give up as a result of extreme pain or nearing unconsciousness. This is done when he can’t move or escape, in that situation he either passes out or taps out.

There is so much variety in submissions that you can write a book on it. However, there are some popular ways to submit your opponent. Some of these are Rear Naked Choke, Triangle Choke, Armbar, Guillotine Choke, Knee Bar, Kimura, Arm Triangle. Damien Maia, Charles Oliveira and Nate Diaz are perfect examples of submission artists.

  1. Strikes

Most common strikes seen in mixed martial arts are Jab, Cross, Uppercut, Hook, Knee Strike, Roundhouse Kick, and Overhand. While you are wearing MMA gloves, any of these accurately targeted strikes can KO an opponent.  These powerful blows can be delivered while standing and on the ground. For knee strikes it is best to use specialized MMA shorts for better performance.

We often see in the UFC a single strike can finish off the opponent in quick time that is why as an opponent you can never relax even for a second. Make sure when you hit your opponent and he gets stunned you always finish him off with powerful strikes before he recovers and comes back to haunt you.

Anderson, Silva, Jon Jones, Dominick Cruz, and Conor McGregor are considered some of the most feared strikers of the game.

  1. Clinch

When a fighter tries to grab opponent by the back of his neck and brings him closer in order to control him, this is clinch for you folks. A deadly position That includes throwing devastating knees and elbows from every angle. Techniques in clinch include Thai Clinch, Dirty Boxing, Knee Strikes, Elbow Strikes, and Pummeling.

Anderson Silva, Alistair Overeem and Wanderlei Silva are considered clinch experts and have delivered Muay-Thai destruction time and time again.

  1. Ground

When two fighters are on the ground. Their main objective is to get into a dominating position and try to use that advantage to either strike or submit an opponent.

When it comes to ground work, no one has better technique than Demian Maia, Georges St-Pierre, and Cain Velasquez.

These skills are not easy to master, you need years of hard work and training. Watch videos of the experts and try to implement them in training.