6 Essential Strength Training Equipment for Fitness!

Fitness comes in all forms and sizes. For some it means a swift long walk on a daily basis while for others it means an intense, hour’s long workout involving serious strength training equipment in the gym. If you belong to the latter group of people or even a novice looking to set up a home gym to ultimately take up position in that particular group-then read on!

Whether you are a fitness pro advising or organizing a professional gym for personal or business reasons or you are a beginner interested in setting up your first home gym, choosing equipment is simple. Here is the low down on the top strength training equipment that is essential for a gym of any size.

  1. Pull-up bars

Pull-up bars are the start-up point for hardcore fitness goals. They offer a simple (but not easy) and highly effective way to enhance strength and coordination across multiple joints and muscle groups.

While there is a mind boggling variety of bars available of just as many brands, your priority at this point needs to be durability and affordability. Pull-up bars take on extensive punishment during any strength training session, so you need something that will “set the bar” for sturdiness, versatility and economy. RDX Sports offers just that and more. Pick the one that serves you best from a range of four easy-setup pull-up bars. All four are rust-proof and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Their heavy-gauge and thick gussets easily supports heavy weights and can also be hooked with a heavy punching bag.

  1. Skipping ropes

Jumping rope is no longer for little girls anymore. Skipping ropes are jumping back into the fitness arena and making their presence felt. As with any kind of fitness training, if you want to get maximum benefit out of your strength training your skipping rope needs to be of the best possible quality. So make sure you get the right materials and the highest quality you can afford. This will not only set you off to the best start, but will help circumvent two very common problems:

  • Injuries caused by poor technique or equipment
  • Wasted energy due to ineffective workouts

According to well researched statistics, skipping rope is one of the safest exercises in any fitness regime. If done right it puts very little pressure on joints while forcing you to maintain a balanced position. RDX Sports produces some of the best and most economical jump ropes in the world. Their ingenious options incorporate leather, metal, wire and weights with adjustability options at prices which won’t have you jumping hoops.

  1. Leg Stretchers

“Strength without flexibility is rigidity, and flexibility without strength is instability”, which is why Leg Stretchers are an import part of strength training equipment.  Physical flexibility is essential for fitness, more so leg flexibility. A Brazilian scientist has developed leg flexibility exercises that could possibly predict your life span. Leg flexibility is important in fitness training since it encompasses the whole lower body, from lower back, glutes, to hamstrings.

To attain natural flexibility one can either turn to regular stretching or yoga. But for pro level flexibility, you’ll need leg stretchers. RDX Sports provides a truly unique leg stretching device alone with central handle bars with soft foam rubber grips and two legs extension. Each leg stretcher comes with a five-hole adjustment system to give beginners as well as pros a wider range of stretching options. Made with 16 gauge P-Coated™ HG-Steel™ for additional support and treated with H-CR™ to ensure anti-rusting abilities.

  1. Medicine Balls

Get ready to play ball! Medicine ball, that is. Medicine Balls can take any fitness regime a notch higher by improving muscular power and overall performance. These humble looking medicine balls are capable of working miracles in improving muscle tone, balance and reflexes.

However, it is important to choose a ball with the perfect weight, it shouldn’t be heavy enough to hamper control, accuracy, or range of motion. Medicine balls designed by RDX Sports are a true work of art. Handcrafted and precision stitched to offer the most long-lasting weighted balls that can be used for a variety of exercises.

  1. Weighted Vests

No matter what type of exercise you’re doing, you can always find a way to make it extra challenging.

Whether you’re in the CrossFit box sweating through a Murph or you just want some additional load on a hike, a weighted vest will add the additional heft you’re looking for to push your workout to the next level.

RDX’s Weighted Vests will turn any standard exercise into a fully-blown workout. Increase or decrease weight according to your heart’s desire using these highly enduring Weighted Vests that can be filled with sand packets or pulp of your choice.

  1. Fitness Bags

Last but not the least on anyone’s list of essential strength training equipment-fitness bags! Seems like a very trivial matter and usually gym bags are taken for granted, but a good bag can go a long way in helping keep up fitness goals. Materials most commonly used for fitness bags are leather, canvas and nylon. While leather and canvas are a great choice in terms of style and quality, but nylon is the poster child for functionality. Fitness Bags by RDX Sports are made of high-grade nylon padded sufficiently to cushion heavy weighted contents. RDX nylon bags are feather light, water proof and versatile and that’s what a good gym bag needs to be.


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