7 Must have MMA gear for Beginners

We are back with a guide for essential MMA gear that you will need as a beginner. We hope that you read our previous blog about the basics of MMA training. Just to recap the information there;

  • You need to build your endurance for MMA training,
  • Learn grappling techniques taken from different combat sports,
  • Study the different strikes utilized in MMA,
  • And train your mind for what is to come.

If you have already started with the basics, especially the endurance training, then you may be looking forward to the next step in MMA journey.

Hold your horses.

First, you need to learn about the gear you will need for mixed martial arts training. Before we start with our list the most important thing that you need to know is that the cost of MMA gear for beginners isn’t high. Don’t fall for any advice that says otherwise. Now onto the must have gear for MMA:

1.      MMA Gloves

You will have to get two different kinds of gloves. One for fighting and one for training/sparring.

Black, white and red pair of MMA gloves

Mixed martial arts fighting gloves weigh around 4-6 ounces. They are much lighter when compared to boxing gloves but are made from the same materials; leather or synthetic leather.

The reason for the lighter weight is that they have less padding on them. But rest assured the provided padding is adequate protection for your knuckles. They will not let your hand get hurt. Premium MMA gloves also have wrist protection to keep your wrists safe when striking and grappling.

The training or sparring gloves need to have more padding because the MMA gloves mentioned above are not good for heavy bags. You can find specially made gloves for training or you also have the option of getting boxing sparring gloves, but they can only be used for strike training.

The fitting of the glove should be a little loose, if the gloves are snug then you can’t wear the next item on the list under them.

Cost of both pairs: $76

2.      Hand wraps/Inner gloves


For added protection and moisture absorption you should wear hand wraps or inner gloves under your MMA gloves.

Blue, golden, black, inner boxing glove with RDX logo

Professional fighters wear hand wraps whenever they train or fight. They are easy to wear and take off. You may have to take some extra minutes putting them on, but the benefits will be worth the added couple of minutes.

Cost: $14.99

3.      Rash Guard

Rash guard

Something that you will learn in the first week of training is that MMA can be very abrasive for your skin. This is why you need a rash guard shirt; either half sleeve or full.

The rash guard will protect your upper body against any unnecessary friction burns when you train. Another advantage of a rash guard is that it will keep finger and nail marks away.

These incredible lightweight wearables have compression fit as well that reduces muscle soreness, you won’t have to purchase compression wear separately.

Cost: $10.99 to $14.99

4.      Mouth Guard

Everyone knows the most basic purpose of a mouth guard; it keeps your teeth from getting knocked out of your mouth, which is a very good thing. The latest innovation in mouth guard manufacturing, however, gives them some added functionality.

Green and black mouth guard MMA gear

They can reduce the impact of a hit by aligning your jaw in the best possible way.

Cost: $20.99

5.      Head guard

A head guard is a must have for your MMA training not only for impact absorption but also for the protection of your ears when you are grappling.

black boxing MMA head guard with red RDX logo

Some head guards are built with optional face guards, which for a beginner can be highly useful. You should choose one that has this feature, your face will thank you for it.

Cost: $35.99

6.      MMA Shorts

MMA Shorts

You could train in your ordinary shorts, but they won’t survive even one training session. MMA shorts are purpose built and have durable fabric, strengthened stitching, stretch-ability and closure system.

They are slightly more expensive than your ordinary shorts because of all these reasons. They give fighters freedom of movement and peace of mind when they train or fight.

Cost: $44.99

7.      Shin Guards

Kicks are a big part of MMA strikes and initially, you will not be very precise with your kicks. Even an inanimate bag can deliver a world of hurt in that situation so it’s best to be wearing some padding, in the form of shin guards.

Black white and red RDX shin pads fitness gear

Shin pads have the same type of padding and protection as MMA gloves. But you have to make sure that you get the fitting of the shin guards right. The fit depends on your height and shin length.


Height   Shin Length Size
4 to 5 feet 38cm Small size
5 to 5.5 feet 39cm Medium size
5.5 to 6 feet 41cm Large size
6 feet and above 42cm X-Large size


You can measure your shin to get a precise and snug fit for the shin guards.

Cost: $42.99

8.      Groin Guard

Last but certainly not the least is the groin guard. Do we really need to stress the importance of this piece of gear?

Black and blue groin guard MMA gear

Just know that MMA requires a lot of grappling, kicking and punching and some movements can go errant and hit you in the groin area. Obviously, it is best to have protection.

Cost: $21.99

Once you have all this gear, pack up your kid bag and get ready for your first MMA training session. You can purchase affordable and quality gear at the RDX shop online with ease.

For information on how you can clean and care for your MMA gear visit our blog’s DIY section.

In our next post, we will talk about all the basic training moves that you should practice. So stick with our blog.