Winter is Coming! Tips for Working Out Outdoors.

During the winter season, temperature falls below 0 °C at many places which makes it extremely difficult to workout outdoors. For enthusiasts who like to work out outdoors, here are some tips and safety measures to take during the harsh season.

Hypothermia is one of the most common conditions we see among people who work out during the cold weather. It happens when body temperature falls below 95 °F and is unable to generate more body heat in return. When you fall victim to hypothermia, there are few symptoms that are associated to it such as drowsiness, loss of coordination, confusion, slowed breathing, weakness, and cold skin. It’s time you see a doctor if you feel any of these symptoms taking over you.

There are some preventive measures as well, like dressing appropriately, staying close to home, keeping a mobile phone at all times, not going out unnecessarily and updating close relatives about your health and location.

For people who are in habit of working out outdoors, extreme conditions like these might be a hurdle. For fitness freaks like such, we have a compilation of precautions that can be taken in order for you to enable yourself to workout outdoors easily.

First and Foremost Check Weather

People don’t check weather in routine. In areas where the weather conditions get extreme, checking weather apps get compulsory. Choose a suitable time during the day to workout, when the weather is not too extreme and chilly. If it is advised to stay indoors at all times then do so, it will be for your own good.

Protect Your Exposed Body Parts during Workout

Exposed body parts such as hands, feet, nose and ears are at most risk. Therefore you need to especially protect them by using warm gloves and winter trappers made of a warm material. Make sure you wear Gym gloves before your hands are cold. Avoid wearing clothes that are not suitable under extreme weather conditions. If you fall sick during winters, it takes more time to recover and you will be deprived of working out for a long time as well. So it’s better to take precaution then to fall prey to the weather.

Wear Sauna Suit for Workout

Sauna suit is a blessing to those living in extreme weather conditions and still want to work out outdoors. It is a specialized suit made to trap heat inside, therefore by wearing it in cold weather, it can trap your body heat in order to keep you warm during workout. These suits are generally inexpensive and highly recommended during extreme weather conditions when sweating.

Don’t Forget Protective Gear

Injuries take much longer to heal during cold weather conditions, you can protect yourself by wearing appropriate protective equipment such as head gear and support equipment, if you are a boxer or into combat sports such as MMA or Muay Thai, you better get protective equipment along with your sports gear.

Wear a Sunscreen

Sunburns is very common during winters, best remedy to avoid these sunburns is a sunscreen. Don’t just buy any other sunscreen you find in a store, take advice from an expert first. A good sunscreen should be able to block UVA and UVB rays. Our face and hands are usually exposed which makes it more vulnerable for the rays to attack directly. To avoid tans and burns, you should wear sun screen even inside the house (after consulting your dermatologist of course!)

Chemical heat packs

Some people have cold hands and feet, for them it is recommended to use chemical heat packs. These packs are also helpful if you have a condition called Raynaud’s disease. (Raynaud’s disease is a rare disorder of the blood vessels, usually in the fingers and toes. It causes the blood vessels to narrow when you are cold or feeling stressed)

Stay Hydrated

People don’t get thirsty during winters, even after performing an extensive workout they don’t drink the required amount of water. We don’t realize the importance of staying hydrated unless we feel dehydrated during winters. Before it gets to that point, it is advised you work on your hydration and keep sipping water on an hourly basis! Start slow and you will get in a habit very soon!

When it gets chilly, the above mentioned tips will help you stay safe during exercise. Make sure your body is perfectly warmed up in order to avoid serious injuries. If the weather is too extreme then avoid going out and workout inside instead.