7 Tips To Lose Weight With A Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is a high intensity exercise that increases your heart rate and works well for torching fat. In addition to that it speeds up metabolism, which leads to higher calorie burn. Exercising ten minutes with a skipping rope burns 125 calories, which helps to lose weight quickly.

You don’t need to run a mile in eight minutes when skipping rope can do that for you in less time. It is also far kinder on your joints, since your feet land at the same time. Today we will talk about the proper approach to lose weight and have fun with a skipping rope.

Weighted Skipping Rope      

We know you have been regular with your skipping routine and you know certain tricks too. How about using a weighted handle skipping rope. You can use a regular speed rope to do cool tricks, but guess what? A weighted handle rope will make your body work with more force to burn more calories.

Interval Training

Bringing the intensity to every workout is key. It means you are bringing all out to maximum intensity and then taking 10 seconds to chill.  Gain your composure and then go for it again with maximum effort. Aim for eight times in one circuit, and then you can go ahead and repeat that circuit three to five times for one High Intensity Interval Training workout.

Intermittent Fasting

When it comes to skipping rope, it is recommended that you jump rope while fasting. It’s not that you fast and don’t eat, there’s more to it than that. Eating in specific feeding window is intermittent fasting and all you have to do is skip your morning cheerios. The purpose of exercising on a fasted stomach is to fuel yourself with your body fats. Since there is no glucose to fuel your workout, you’ll be losing body fat while exercising helps you lose weight.


Put your maximum effort – 110% intensity. If you’re at a moderate pace, yeah, you might get some endorphins pumping…you feel kind of good, but…you’re here to lose weight and burn fat. So make sure you’re going in a way that you are skipping away from a bear that’s trying to eat you.

Alternating legs

Start jumping onto one foot and then the other instead of jumping with both feet together. This is almost similar to like you are running. Alternating legs is another good way to increase speed and agility, leading to quick fat burn.

Speed Jumping

Increase your speed to increase the speed of your fat burn. Work within maximum heart rate for fat loss and calorie burn. You can apply this to any of the moves above.

Double Unders

Yes, that is a ‘double jump’. Jump high (but not too high) and pass the rope underneath you twice before you land. This is not for newbies.

One of the most important aspects of fitness is consistency. It’s not a onetime go where you go for it a couple of times and wonder why it didn’t work. You need to do 3-5 of these every single week and make it a part of your routine.

You know it took time to be good at anything, similarly getting that lean sexy body takes time too. Be patient and you’ll get the results!