Adam Kownacki Aspires to Be Poland’s First World Heavyweight Champion

As Adam Kownacki’s star power rises, he welcomes fights with Dillian Whyte and Anthony Joshua. If AJ vs Wilder doesn’t materialize, it would tee up Kownacki nicely for a potential title fight later this year.

Knowing his potential, Adam Kownacki is well en route to become the first Polish heavyweight champion. Right now, there are a lot of questions about Kownacki’s ambitions and potential battles with British opponents.

Born in Lomza and based in Brooklyn, Kownacki has beaten three title challengers in his last four fights. Questions included how he can become the first heavyweight champion from Poland and why he thinks so.

When asked about his next fight, Adam Kownacki said,

“Hopefully in May or June. I’m ready for anybody. I train very hard.”

Upon asking how he is different from his rivals, Kownacki said,

“My aggression. I’m a very aggressive fighter. I go in and I try to get a knockout. The amount of punches I throw is amazing. The average heavyweight throws maybe half the amount of punches I throw, so I think that’s a very big plus for me.”

Talking about his huge Polish fan base, he said,

“It’s an amazing feeling. Like they say in soccer, you get that extra player. They are great fans and they always cheer me on.”

Adam Kownacki is really keen to fight against a UK heavyweight,

“Yeah of course. I want to fight the best, so if we could make a deal, of course.”

When asked about rival WBC contender Dillian Whyt, Kownacki said,

“I met Dillian when I was in camp with him and [Wladimir] Klitschko. Klitschko was getting ready for his Povetkin fight. Dillian Whyte is a great guy, I think we would put on a hell of a fight.

Anything is possible. I have a great team behind me with Al Haymon and Keith Connolly, so if they could come up with a good deal, I don’t see why not.”

Adam Kownacki spoke about the world title shot,

“My resume looks very good, compared to other top 10 fighters. I’m just waiting to get my shot.

It doesn’t really matter to me who it is. I just want to get a title shot and become the first Polish heavyweight champion of the world.

That’s been my goal, ever since I started boxing to be a heavyweight champion of the world. I’m getting much closer, and I can’t wait to get the opportunity and prove myself.”

He feels much closer to the title shot and thinks it all about the timing,

“I think it’s much closer. I think maybe one [more fight], I’m not sure.

Kownacki further elaborated,

I feel I’m right around the corner, but it’s a matter of timing and making sure a world champion isn’t lined up to fight.”

When asked about Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder, Adam Kownacki replied,

“They are both very good, they both have their assets. They have two different styles. Wilder is more of a power puncher, where Joshua has a lot of power, but he boxes more. Two great fighters.”

In the end he said that British fans would see him soon,

“I hope so, I hope soon. It’s hard to say. Maybe I’ll fight Joshua over there, or maybe if we can fill up the Wembley Stadium, you never know. Hopefully the next couple of years.”