All you need to know about Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are cushioned gloves worn by boxers and MMA fighters. The history of boxing dates back to the 17th century where boxing gloves were nowhere to be seen and fighters fought with bare knuckles. Modern boxing gloves started showing up towards end of the 1890s. Over ten years of engineering and testing by some of the biggest boxing manufacturers and sport names have helped create safe and durable boxing equipment. Modern day boxing gloves include mesh palm, Velcro, leather-based stitching, suspension cushioning and new padding for the boxers to box in comfort. 

  1. Boxing Training Gloves

Topping the list of essentials, boxing training gloves are something you need to invest in before you take up boxing as a workout or a sport. A good pair of boxing training gloves will give you the right grip and enhance the strength of your punch tremendously. It is best to invest in a pair that won’t quit on you and last for long. Sweaty hands during boxing was inevitable until RDX introduced its premium quality shock resistant boxing gloves made of nylon mesh and lined with antimicrobial fabric. Nylon mesh palm offers necessary air ventilation while antimicrobial inner lining wicks away sweat to keep hands fresh and clean during the round.

  1. Boxing Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are basically training gloves with a different areas of padding. The difference in style of padding is that a sparring glove is more cushioned than the typical training glove to make impacts less sharp, ensuring that you do not hurt your opponent. The goal of sparring is not to knock out your opponent, but to develop skills and techniques. The speed and sparring movements you develop with the help of boxing sparring gloves is unmatched. To achieve the optimum out of your sparring movements, you need to have a heavy duty pair of boxing sparring gloves that are designed to endure the maximum impact. To do so a sparring glove needs to be fully equipped like RDX Icon 5 Nova Tech Boxing Sparring Gloves, which is made of advanced Nova Tech Technology which is pinnacle of hand protection and padding. The world’s first ever radial shock-dispersal system which consolidates charged molecules dissipates force within the glove design. With this glove, you are sure to achieve what is takes to perfect the sparring technique.RDX Icon 5 Boxing Sparring Gloves

  1. Professional Boxing Gloves

To box professionally, you need to have technique and speed. But for that you need to have equipment that will make it easier for you to master the technique and play along with it. A good professional boxing glove will have your back in the ring and outside of it as well. Durable and a robust boxing glove is a very safe and sensible investment as it has to offer you comfort to master the technique. When talking about professional boxing, there are gloves that will look comfortable but in reality, they will be the worst nightmare for your hands. So to avoid damages, it is necessary to invest in a good pair of professional boxing gloves. The quality of a good professional boxing glove is that it should be hand stitched to perfection and made of genuine leather so that it lasts longer. Moreover EVA sheet padding cushions on the wrists for added protection with a mix of EVA + foam padding in the cuff to provide overall protection. As per our research, all of these qualities are found in RDX’s A3 BBB of C Approved Professional Fight Boxing Gloves.RDX A3 BBBofC Approved Professional Fight Boxing Gloves

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