Amir Khan VS Canelo will be Speed vs Power

Many believe that Amir Khan has picked the most difficult of fights from the choices available to him. We already know that negotiations were going on with Kell Brooks for the IBF welterweight championship, as well as Danny Garcia for the WBC welterweight belt.

However, the 29-year-old boxer from Bolton has surprised everyone by agreeing to fight Canelo, who box at two weight division higher than Khan. But the former Olympic silver medalist and youngest ever British world champion, is not too worried about facing a middleweight champion whose only career loss came at the hands of Floyd Mayweather Jr. (now retired) in a split decision.

Khan believes he can conquer the weight disadvantage with speed on May 7. According to him, it is normal for him to weigh around 160lbs in between the fights, he just need to add another 5lbs for this fight. Khan also expects his rival to weight around 170lbs so there won’t be a huge weight difference. However if he rehydrates and comes into the fight with 180s, then it will be different story.

“Whatever he brings to the table, I am going to have an answer for,” Khan said. “To move up a weight or two and fight a world champion, someone that everyone is going to say is going to walk through Amir Khan. I really believe that I have the chance to beat him and by beating someone like Alvarez it will definitely make me one of the best fighters in the world.”

Khan’s main weapon is his speed so putting on too much of weight will also make him slower which he doesn’t want. He wants to be able to utilize his speed advantage over Canelo, for that reason he doesn’t care too much about the weight. Also Canelo is not a one punch knockout type of a fighter which will suit Khan in the bout.