Amir Khan’s Dream Is To Fight Floyd Mayweather Jr: Will It Happen?

Amir Khan, the top Welterweight boxer is very passionate about a fight against the world’s number one boxer, Floyd Mayweather happening. Amir Khan is hoping for the fight to happen by stating that if the mega fight between Floyd and Pacquiao doesn’t happen, then he should be the next in line.

Amir Khan thinks that he has proven himself sufficiently to have a fight with the unbeaten American boxer. The Bolton fighter has demonstrated his boxing aptitude in his recent bouts to deserve a chance to end Mayweather’s flawless career resume.

Amir Khan recorded an inspiring victory against Devon Alexander at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. After the fight, Oscar De La Hoya gave his opinion regarding the Bolton boxer’s accomplishment against Devon Alexander:

“Now I know why Mayweather doesn’t want to fight him. I wouldn’t have fought him.”

At this point, Khan is anticipating that this win will put him one step closer to getting his dream bout, a fight that could have grossed him $10 million, which has been on his wish list for years.

Conversely, Mayweather dropped a bombshell on the Khan’s dream bout by calling Pacquiao to lock eyes on May 2nd. But Khan is confident that the boxing techniques and strategies which California-based trainer, Virgil Hunter is giving him, will work against Mayweather if they ever share the ring.

According to critics, Amir Khan may have a point as he has always excelled against top notch boxers, like Andreas Kotelnik, Paulie Malignaggi, Judah, Luis Collazo and now Alexander.

However, Mayweather has not mentioned Khan’s name at all. De La Hoya believed that the Bolton boxer would have to wait his turn to see if Mayweather-Pacquiao bout will happen, but it doesn’t appear to be doing.

In this case, Khan has many other possible opponents to take his boxing record to sky high levels. It is expected that Khan’s next challenger will be Kel Brook, who is presently holding the IBF trophy. But now it’s up to Amir Khan’s to decide if Brook deserves the chance to fight him.