The Father’s That Fight

A Father’s Day Tribute.

The world of fight sports is commonly a ruthless industry, you begin young and train your body to exceed all human barriers of strength and fitness. You balance the risks of the fights you take and the damage left upon your body. The promoters, the paparazzi and all your competition weigh down on your skills, your style and your mentality. A fighter learns to carry that burden in stride. Training every day, maintaining a diet, listening to their coach, preparing for a bout, cutting weight, dealing with conferences, walking into the ring and physically submitting or outplaying the opponent to a victory.

However today we celebrate the fighters who double over as fathers too. These brilliant athletes bring their all to the ring and put bread on the table at the same time. They manage a family life with the extensive toils of being a professional fighter while raising their tiny, little bundles of joy simultaneously. RDX stands in ovation for the dads that fight in the ring and foster their children in their personal life.

Zelfa Barrett And His Daughter

Early last year, in January, 2021, Zelfa The Brown Flash Barrett had a beautiful baby girl, Remìlia-Rose. The little girl’s birthday, earlier this year, showed some absolutely adorable photos of the Barrett family of legends and athletes all together to celebrate the young ones first. 

Lyndon Arthur And His Son

The King himself had a boy in August, 2021 and what a father he’s become. The little prince’s adorable blue eyes exude a joyful, happy childhood. But that’s not where this father drew the line. During the corona pandemic Lyndon made efforts helping out around Manchester, giving kids a brother and father figure to look up to so they could push through the scary crisis and keep training too.

Nathan Gorman’s Daughter And Son


Father of two, Nathan Gorman has the father’s life down. When he isn’t in the ring or the gym he can be found giving his precious daughter and son all of his Heavyweight love. Though most fighters have difficulty making this balance, Nathan can be seen as a showcase of a healthy Father figure.

Tony Ferguson’s Sons

Little Armand Anthony and Mini-Tony Angel Anthony are the ever present love in Fergusons life. Tony, Angel and Armand share a uniquely beautiful bond. Tony often attributes his success, motivation and even mental peace to his little “Blue Eyed Baby Boys”. Both little ones often show up to his practice and training sessions, even popping shots at their old man to keep him in shape. The amazing dad that Tony is, he’s always preaching motivation and a good mindset to learn, live and achieve without fear.

Zach Parkers; Two Doggos And A Baby On The Way


Zach Parker has often felt with his partner that their two little doggos are their kids, Elvis and Arthur. And though both puppers are adorable, Zach announced earlier in May that his partner and him will be having a November baby. We at RDX congratulate the future of the Parker family and the wonderful world of fatherhood he’s about to join.

These fighters display true emotional grit both in the ring and outside it. They lead not only the world as fighting superstars but also as role models in genuine parenting and healthy relationships. The myth that fighters are brutish and dull people is completely irrelevant to them and fighters around the world.

A good father is a source of inspiration to look up to and receive encouragement and stability from. For many children the father figure makes or breaks the child into what they will eventually become. These men aren’t only fighting champions in the ring but also true champs at home and the latter is more important as they nurture a new generation of leaders, fighters and believers.