Klitschko Joshua- The rise of Joshua

Through doubter, hater, naysayer – our old friend and former ambassador, Anthony Joshua has proved his worth countless times in the ring. But now, the current IBF World Heavyweight champion is set to face the biggest challenge of his career yet in the legendary, Wladimir Klitschko on April 29th, 2017 at the Wembley Stadium.

The story of Anthony Joshua began 27 years ago in England through a topsy-turvy journey through life. Avoiding a 10-year jail sentence, the young 6’6 boxing titan stands as one of the most celebrated and famous boxers of this generation with millions of followers across the globe.

The 18 times undefeated champion uses social media to connect with his fans and media and no doubt that these tools have provided him with a ladder through which he secured major sponsorships in the past such as Jaguar, RDX Sports, Beats by Dr. Dre, Stubhub, Lynx, BXR, Underarmour etc.

Being the second boxer after James DeGale to win both a gold medal and a world title. Not just that, he is also the second boxer after Joe Frazier who won the world heavyweight title while he was still reigning as Olympic champion. Keep in mind that after starting his professional boxing career back in 2013, Joshua has made himself a boxing phenomenon in only 5 years.

With an unprecedented rise in fame, the British Amateur Champion at the GB Amateur Boxing Championships in 2010 racked up a highly-impressive undefeated 18 win-streak – via knockout.

While the boxing world touted his inexperience, AJ would come to silence the doubters time and time again.

Last year in 2016, the WBA agreed to sanction a fight between Klitschko and Joshua. This fight is important because not just one, three titles and Klitschko’s obsession is on the line. IBO, IBF, and WBA titles – all fall on the shoulders of a 27-year-old young British boxer who is defending them from a much experienced and boxer, Dr. Steel Hammer, or the legend that ruled the Heavyweight division for almost a decade, Wladimir Klitschko. While he says he is not intimidated by his opponent’s reputation and is eager to give his all to the fight that might be the biggest boxing event of this decade. Wembley Stadium has sold 80,000 tickets for the event and has requested to get another 5000 tickets available. That is how much digital media has made this fight a success before it has even happened. You can find updates, news, and predictions about the fight by subscribing to our newsletter.

While both fighters are keeping their gentlemen stance before the fight, social media is swarming with news, comments, venue and ticket updates and especially contests to win tickets to watch the matches live. His 2 million fans on twitter are using hashtags like #TeamAJ and #TeamJoshua to show their love and he is re-sharing them to make sure he keeps the fans who love him with all their hearts. In his recent interview, he said,

“I always try to strip back the accomplishments and the name and just look at him as another human being and then I focus on beating him, I don’t care who it is. I am still learning. Three-and-a-half years, 18 fights, is a good place to be. I think I will gain so much from occasions like April 29. I remember when I first started boxing, everyone was flying out to America to go and watch Mayweather Jr., Pacquiao, Cotto and now look at it. Everyone from America is coming to the UK, so we are on the map right now. It’s good that everyone is feeding off it and I am just a part of it, I am excited for everyone. The right fights draw the right attention and that’s why we want mega-fights. It’s fine trying to own the division but every fighter needs a dancing partner. I am going to play my part and I just hope everyone else plays their part.”

He knows that trash talk is important, but he also thinks that it’s cheap and not classy. Klitschko agrees that mind games are not his ‘thing’ and he would rather prove himself than say plenty and do nothing.

While we can’t wait for the fight on April 29th, we are also hoping to see the inspirational short film ahead of his title defense fight. It will have all major moments from his life, portrayed through camera titled ‘Nobody Ever Moved Forward Standing Still’

This fight will demand his all as it’s his 19th professional contest. If he wins, he’ll finally be considered a boxing great (to be), maybe not like Muhammad Ali (as there can be only one Ali). If not, it will leave a huge scar on his win streak, but not his respect.