B.J Penn’s Last Fight

UFC President Dana White has issued a statement that the upcoming fight for B.J Penn will be his last.

Following repeated fight incidents for the fighter, White has decided to end his fighting career within UFC. Due to the long relationship with Penn and his family, White was convinced to let him stay for one more fight. The President clarified that due to the long 20-year relationship with the fighter, Penn convinced him to let him stay for one more fight. Since 2011, Penn has lost seven fights consecutively and has absorbed over 1000 significant strikes throughout his career.

The fighter has run into trouble repeatedly since the start and due to his loss at UFC 237, White has decided that he will not put Penn in the Octagon again. Penn’s persistence eventually convinced White to face rival Nik Lentz. The time, location and event are to be confirmed but White stated “Win, lose or Draw, this will be B.J Penn’s last fight”. Even if Penn decides to continue his MMA career, the President will not let him fight in UFC. White also confirmed that there will be no negotiation after this fight and he will not explain again how Penn is still in the Octagon.