BAMMA 32 Fighter Profiles

BAMMA, UK’s best MMA promoter, and RDX Sports are partnering to bring BAMMA 32 event for all mixed martial arts fans in the UK and Ireland.

The event is scheduled for Nov 10 at 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland.

RDX and BAMMA have the same ideology when it comes to MMA in the region…Promote British talent and give them a platform to showcase their skills to an audience that spans across the globe.

With BAMMA’s partnership with Dave and Fite TV, MMA fans all over the world can enjoy the British talent that will be on display at BAMMA 32.

All fighters at BAMMA 32 will be wearing special edition RDX MMA gloves.

The partnership between BAMMA and RDX will continue for future events as well.

We will continue to support BAMMA in its goal to further the cause of MMA in the UK and surrounding region.

Speaking of BAMMA fighters, here are some of the most prominent participants of BAMMA 32;

Main Event at BAMMA 32


Alex “DA Kid” Lohore

Alex Lohore, a.k.a. Da Kid, is an English MMA fighter who started as an amateur fighter in the welterweight class in 2013.

As an amateur fighter, he participated in 3 fights, winning 2 of them.

Even early in his career, his powerful striking and affinity for chokeholds were clear.

He went pro in 2014 and won his first 4 matches by either knockouts or submission. In his fifth fight, Lohore suffered the first loss of his pro career.

He hasn’t looked back since, going on a 7-0 run after that loss.

Richard Kiely

Richard Kiely is a new fighter in the MMA scene with only 2 pro fights under his belt.

This will be one of the biggest fights of his young career, going against the likes of Alex Lohore.

Kiely will have the support of his hometown Dublin in the fight.

In his last 2 fights, he has knocked out opponents with a vicious flurry of strikes. He is a patient and ferocious fighter that looks for openings in his opponent’s defense and strikes mercilessly.

Lohore will have his hands full at BAMMA 32.

Co-main Event


Andy “Taz” Young

Andy Young is currently number 7 ranked MMA flyweight in UK and Ireland.

Hailing from Northern Ireland, he began his MMA career in 2011.

He is rugged Irish fighter that doesn’t mind going the distance in fights. That doesn’t mean that he won’t end the fight with a choke hold if given the chance.

With a record of 11-8, he is one of the most experienced fighters at BAMMA 32.

He is currently on a 2-0 winning streak, he will hope to continue that streak.

Daniel Barez

Young’s opponent at BAMMA 32 will be the Spaniard Daniel Barez. He is the no 4 ranked MMA fighter in Europe.

His professional record is 8-4 for his career.

He is a fine kickboxer and his wrestling skills are not too shabby either.

Just like his opponent, he is on a 2-0 winning streak. It will be interesting to see which of these warriors will have his streak broken.

Most Valuable Fighter

Dominique “Black Panther” Wooding


Our featured fighter for BAMMA 32 is Dominique “Black Panther” Wooding.

Wooding has an impressive MMA amateur record of 8-2. He decided to step into the professional octagon in 2015 and impressed everyone with his fighting skills.

Wooding is an accomplished kickboxer and his all-around MMA skills are something to behold.

He currently has a professional record of 3-1. He is coming off a loss in BAMMA 28.

‘Black Panther’ will surely be looking to bounce back from that loss.

The fight with Blaine O’Driscoll very well may be the dark horse of the event.

Free your schedule for Nov 10 and don’t miss this exciting night of MMA action.

The best of the best British MMA fighters will step into the octagon to show off their abilities to the world!