Step By Step Guide To Use Of Leg Stretcher

Do you wish to have a flexible body like a fiddlehead? When it comes to flexible body, there is only one name that pops up in mind in seconds: Bruce Lee!

Many boxers, mixed martial artists, gymnasts, and other sportsmen use leg stretchers to develop a sleek and flexible body. Leg stretchers enhance the adductor and hamstring or inner flexibility of the body. This flexibility, in turn, is essential for the high kicks.

If done properly, stretching will increase the flexibility be lengthening the muscle fibers in an incremental and controlled fashion. It also improves your range of movement in a pre-workout session.

Leg stretcher is quite a reasonable and simple-to-use stretching accessory that is available on almost every sports equipment store. Here is the cost-effective and user-friendly version for you:

RDX Leg Stretcher

RDX Leg Stretcher

How To Use A Leg Stretcher?

If you haven’t used it before, you have landed in the right place. We have compiled a detailed step-wise guide for you to use leg stretchers.


Before using your leg stretcher, you have to perform some warm-up activities. Start the training with some light cardio exercises to increase the body temperature. Walking, jogging, rowing, cycling, and skipping rope are good options for light-impact cardio workouts.

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After a light warm-up, do some light stretches to prepare yourself for the upcoming intense stretches.


After a warm-up, get into the starting position. Stretch your legs and sit on the floor. Now adjust the leg stretcher in such a way that your both legs are stretched apart in a very comfortable manner.

This is your very beginner mild stretch. There are two important things you must ensure:

  1. You must be sitting tall on the ischium, i.e., the bottom bones of your pelvis.
  2. Never round your back. Always lean forwards at the hips.


Once you are successfully done with a mild stretch, now you need to increase the range of stretch. RDX leg stretcher has the central bar that you need to pull towards yourself. The more you pull it, more will be the stretching.

Don’t overdo it! Keep the stretch comfortable and hold the same position for about 30-60 seconds.

Relax without holding your breath. Sit up straight and lean forward at the hips without rounding your back.

Remember, your body posture is crucial if you want to use leg stretcher safely. Else, you might end up like this:




Now contract the leg muscles. Try to push your legs together without holding your breath or reducing the stretch. You must do it against the resistance of leg stretcher. Maintain this position of contraction for about 10-15 seconds only.

While releasing the contraction, take a breath in and out heavily. Now increase the stretch while keeping your leg muscles relaxed and comfortable.

Hold this position for about 1 minute.


Repeat the above step until you have stopped increasing the stretch. What we mean here is that keep on increasing the stretch slightly while performing the above step.

Now when you can perform no further progress, hold the position for about 1-2 minutes. Then slowly release the stretch.


  • Keep your shoulders and legs comfortable in a calm way.
  • Exhale forcefully while increasing the stretching depth.
  • Perform stretching practice for at least three times a week.
  • Remain in a tall sit-up position.


  • While stretching, do not clench your jaw or hunch your shoulders while stretching.
  • To avoid injury, do not round your lower back.
  • You must not lean forward from your back ever.
  • Do not maintain the stretched position if your muscles start to shake or burn uncontrollably. This is an indication that you might be overstretching and damaging your muscles.

If you perform the appropriate stretching on a leg stretcher, your end result would be something like this:

Else, you might end up like this poor cat: