5 Key Benefits Of Compression Garments In Workout

Compression wear are pieces of garments that wrap tightly around the body yet provide easy mobility and ease while working out. Compression garments are speedily making their way into the gym industry because of the comfort they provide. Athletes wear these compression garments to promote muscle recovery and performance. Compression garments are said to help improve:

  • Joint Awareness
  • Body Control
  • Waste Product Removal
  • Running Economy
  • Blood Circulation
  • Moisture Wicking

Research proves that compression clothing reduces swelling, muscle oscillation, and muscle soreness. The athlete may suffer from exercise-induced muscle damage due to DMOS (delayed onset of muscle soreness). They often go for muscle recovery techniques such as foam rolling or massage therapy.

The use of compression apparel is far more easy and effective. Compression garments are tight apparels that are worn excessively in the fitness industry.

Here are the five key benefits of using compression apparel in a training session.

1. Reduces Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness is an inflammatory response that is caused by tissue damage. This inflammatory response increases the swelling and gives a signal to the sensory pain nerves. This signal makes you feel the pain and muscle soreness. The swelling (or osmotic pressure) is reduced when you wear compression clothing. Compression clothing applies external pressure on your body.

These tight clothes help reduce the spaces available for muscle soreness. Tight-fitting also avoid the troubles in your muscle fibers and surrounding tissues

2. Develop Cardiovascular Function

Compression garments improve the running economy (oxygen cost of running) by 9%. The delivery and utilization of oxygen is enhanced during a training session.

It aids improving the blood circulation in your body. Compression garments improve cardiovascular response by increasing the muscle coordination and proprioception. Muscle coordination means how your muscles work together and proprioception is your ability to sense joint movement and position.

3. Improve Athlete’s Perception

Compression garments make you feel like your muscles are not much strained or fatigued.

Research showed that these tight apparels have a placebo effect (positive impact) on your psychology. Compression apparels decrease the overall perception of DOMS by an individual to boost his recovery.

4. Boosts Performance in Training

Compression garments are known to improve the muscle recovery between the training sessions, also called chronic recovery. Compression garments are mainly popular for their effect on the acute recovery. Acute recovery is the muscle recovery during training sessions.

You can train harder and harder continuously without losing your agility and speed. Now you can do more jumps, pull-ups, and squats just by wearing a compression apparel.

5. Reduce Muscle Fatigue

Compression apparel can decrease the tissue damage and muscle fatigue by reducing muscle oscillations. During dynamic activities such as vertical jumping, compression garments put more pressure on the skin receptors. Perform like a professional athlete. Wear compression apparels to jump higher and hold heavier.

Wear compression garments during training. Don’t forget to wash them afterwards!