11 Best Diet Tips that you will come across

Losing weight has more to do with the right diet and lifestyle changes than exercise. That doesn’t mean that you should forget about working out. It just means that you have to pay more attention to your diet than anything else. This is why you should take heed of the best diet tips given below, they will help you become more disciplined and lose weight faster;

Diet and weight loss

Best Diet Tips

1.      Don’t let yourself get hungry

Ever heard of preemptive strike?

In dietary terms it means planning and eating meals and snacks before you are hit with hunger pangs.

Keep healthy snacks with you when you are at work.

Dry fruit, whole grain biscuits, vegetable salads, etc. should be in your bag.

Planning and preparing these snacks is the key.

2.      The color Rule

Red, orange and green rule is a fun diet rule to follow.

Include a food with that color in your meal, all three meals of the day.

The fruits and vegetables will lower the calorie count and give you all the necessary nutrients you require.

3.      Drink a lot of water, a lot

Human bodies are likely to retain water if it doesn’t get enough of water during the day.

Anyone who thinks lessening the amount of water they drink can help them lose weight is mistaken.

Drinking about 4 liters of water is ideal. It will also help you feel fuller so you don’t eat as much during meal times.

When you are doing your boxing training or other fitness routine, always keep a water bottle nearby and drink as much as possible to replace the water you lose.

4.      Keep away from salt

Salt is the sneaky contributor to weight gain issues.

It can make you retain weight and feel bloated.

Once you give up salt and other forms of sodium, you will see your belly fat shrink faster than before.

5.      Eat more spices

Spices are known to curb hunger. It is a little known fact but research has shown that spices can trigger release of endorphins and lessen your appetite.

Do you need any more reasons to eat more spices?

6.      No to diet soda


That is what you need to say whenever you think you should have diet soda.

It doesn’t have the sugar quantity of regular sodas but that doesn’t it is good for you.

Diet sodas contain artificial sweetness. When you drink diet sodas, your body start craving more sugary food because it thinks that you are consuming something sweet.

7.      Nutrients and Calories

You need to check the calories you are eating every day but your focus should be on the nutrients that you are getting from the food.

The body requires a lot of nutrients and if you cut them out in fear of calorie intake, then you will only increase your cravings later and damage your body’s processes.

8.      Keep the food in the kitchen

Obviously, all the food is kept in the kitchen.

We mean when you are eating you should keep it in the kitchen, while you make a plate and eat it in the dining room.

Having the all the food in front of you will make you want to eat more of it.

9.      Have some soup

Eating soup, preferably vegetable, before you have your meal ensures that you don’t eat as much.

Your calorie intake will go down once you start acting on this tip.

Not only will you get some good nutrients, the water content will fill up your stomach.

10.  Your nemesis, the hunger hormone

There is a hormone, called ghrelin, which is responsible for controlling the hunger and appetite in your body.

Yes, it is your worst enemy when you are trying to control portions and lose weight.

The best way to outsmart this hormone is to give it what it wants.

Never skip meals and eat enough good carbs and nutrients to keep the hormone at bay.

11.  Fitted clothing is useful

Wearing lose clothing is comfortable but it makes you unaware of any weight gain.

Wearing fitted clothing will make you aware of any weight gain or weight loss that your body goes through.

New Challenges

These tips are exactly what you need to do for quicker weight loss. Some of them you may have tried before. Don’t give up on them, when you keep at them for a set period of time, you will see their benefits.

Along with these tips, make sure to include an activity like boxing in your routine. You can learn how to box and get the equipment you need and start today.