Best Outdoor Places To Workout

If you wish to make your each workout session unique or if working out at the gym gets monotonous, then consider exercising in any of the following places. This will not only make you open to new training methods but also keep your mind fresh.


One of the most likely places to hit on a sunny evening, beaches stimulate your mind to perform a relaxed workout. Simply take off your shoes and run on smooth, wet sand as it strengthen your joints. Sand workouts also help in developing resistance in the legs since the surface is not smooth and your lower body needs to work harder to maintain its balance.

You can also have a refreshing swim in the sea. Choose a less crowded area of the beach and you have the mighty sea at your disposal. The only thing to be wary is of sharks.

Pool Workout

Pool is always a happening place. Known for a good way to train aerobics, a pool is quite handy for a swim or to engage in some gym exercises. Pool side can be used to perform triceps lifts and dips. And you can use the diving boards as chin up bar.


Playgrounds are an ideal place to breathe some fresh air while performing some calorie-burning exercises. Stroll in your local park and you will find variety of objects that can help you in your exercise. Pull-up bars are almost part of every park and if you are a callisthenics enthusiast, this can be your best tool. The bars can also be used to perform L shape where you lift your legs so that they are horizontal to the ground.

Some parks have equipment that can help in performing inverted rows, dips, plyometrics and lunges. These structures may seem unsightly at first, but once you get to know their proper use they can be incorporated for an encouraging circuit training session.

If your nearest playground doesn’t have fitness equipment then you use swings, benches and monkey bars to make most of your workout. You can perform TRX strength conditioning with swings. With your feet resting on the swing try a dynamic push-up. You can also try side planks in the same manner.

Empty benches that are securely attached to the ground can be used for jump boxing. You can use different benches of alternating heights to ignite the fire in your calves and quads. Once you are over with your gruelling workout, you can use them to stretch your tensed muscles.

Park Workout

Move closer to nature by working out in the park. The serenity and greenery is sure to bring you a lot of calm. However, if you feel that you are unable to incorporate nature’s beauty into your workout, rethink. Trees are an excellent tool to try out your tree plank. Unlike the common plank where you put your feet on the ground, in this position you put your feet on the tree trunk so that they are parallel to the ground. You can also focus on your strength training by enjoying a run at an uneven path. A jog on inclines and terrains is far better than your routine treadmill run.