Black Friday Deals & Discounts – RDX Sports Brings You Black On Black Series To Prep Up Black Friday Mania

Nothing can beat Black Friday madness than the functional yet classic Noir Series (Black on Black) from RDX Sports. Specifically designed for Boxing and MMA aficionados, the range comprises of gear that promise to deliver value beyond your expectations. An amalgamation of top features of finest products from RDX Sports, Black on Black Series is an ode to the diversity of combat sports. It not only reflects a common goal of fitness, but also transcends beyond any barriers in combat sports.

Looking to get most out of Black Friday Mania? It’s time to crave impressions that would last a lifetime.

BGR F15 MB Boxing Gloves

Constructed to provide you an experience beyond your wildest imagination, these boxing gloves provide you the pleasure to dominate. With our latest line of engineered leather, the gear proves to be timeless against any undesired impact. Perfect for heavy bag training, these vegan leather gloves are just the right tools to help you translate your inner strength this Black Friday.

GGR F 15 MB MMA Glove

The right tool to satiate your grappling needs, these MMA gloves are constructed using synthetic ConVEX skin so that they last for many blacks, whites and grays in your life. Designed to fit any size and type of hand as long as they are determined, they provide optimum protection and defense. With ample tensile strength, these gloves allow you to fulfill your goal of performing endless training sessions. Whether you are looking to execute jabs on the heavy bag or on a focus pad, the PC-3 padded gear promises to keep your hands well protected this Black Friday.

HGR T15MB Head Guard

Heading out to battle? Keep your head well-protected with this modernist tool which is made of premium quality ConVEX skin and layered with EVA Foam padding to protect cheeks from unexpected injury. To keep the head budge-free, the headgear is equipped with EZ tri hook and loop with detachable padding that sits aptly at the back of the head.  Quick EZ chin loop makes it very easy to wear and take off while Jumbolon padding for the ears keeps them safeguarded against deadly shots.

FPR T15 MB Focus Pad

With its more defined curve, these perennial focus pads fulfill your need for endless coaching session. Made up of synthetic ConVEX skin, the gear is equipped with shock-absorbent EVA-LUTION foam, making it resistant to any impact. Looking to celebrate Black Friday in style? Consider getting your hands on these functional, dauntless focus pads.

T15 Noir Black Shin Instep Guards 

Whether you are an amateur or a pro, these elegant shin pads would protect your knees against lethal enemies. These insteps guards can readily absorb impact providing you the right balance during a cumbersome encounter. Its padded material safeguards the legs and shin bone against undesired kicks.