Black Friday Gift Ideas For Children That Will Put A Smile On Their Faces

Surprise your loved ones by these awesome Black Friday gift ideas for children that will put a precious grin on their faces. The following list includes different gift items that can help satiate your child’s needs for sports and help him/her develop his own fitness routine.

Open Face Head Guard

Protect those bright minds during play by equipping them with Open Face Head Guard from RDX Sports. Designed for zero shock and zero damage, these junior headgears provide optimal protection to your children during any combat sports – Boxing or MMA. With a foam cushion inside, they give the head the needed support during a play that can involve serious injury.

Boxing Gloves

Teach your children to build upon their defence by purchasing Boxing Gloves from RDX Sports. Available in beautiful designs including Superman and Pirates, they are washable so that they can be used for quite some time. Crafted to fit in the growing hands of your children, they have suitable padding to keep the hands protected in worst of encounters, while helping them to form a sturdy fist. These gloves are anti-shock with an adjustable strap to fit on the wrists. So this Black Friday celebrate your child’s inner strength by getting him these trendy and stylish boxing gloves from RDX Sports.

Punching Bag Set


Embark your child on a journey to stardom by purchasing Punching Bag Set from RDX Sports. The bag along with boxing gloves are both made to stand to last entire childhood while your child boxes his way to perfection. Extremely functional, they are manufactured keeping in mind the changing bone density of children so that it doesn’t harm their beginning moves as they master their moves. So make your child’s day by purchasing him a punching bag set that will last many Black Fridays.

Mouth Guard

Keep that sweet mouth safe with this special Gel Gum Shield Mouth Guard from RDX Sports. This handy, boil-and-bite mouth guard is designed to fit perfectly in the mouth of your child providing him a maximum protection against injuries. With its shock-proof technology, it leaves no room for the nastiest attack to leave any impact on their sensitive mouths.

Boxing Pads

Let your child train his boxing skills with hook and jab pads from RDX Sports. These pads will help build your child’s speed and accuracy while its foam padding conveniently absorbs shock shielding your child’s hands against pain and injury. These boxing pads come with an open-finger design that allows good grip and an improved circulation. Engage your children in constructive, high speed drills for boxing, Muay Thai or MMA with these Maya hide leather boxing pads.