Top Boxing Matches 2017

2017 was a great year for boxing. We had spectacles that caught the attention of the whole world. We had all-out wars that showed grit and will of true boxing champions. There were controversies, storybook endings, and vicious knockouts. We have picked the best of the best for you, so here are the Top boxing matches 2017;

5- Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux

Casual fans of boxing probably didn’t get what the excitement was behind this matchup. But if you know the history, then you know that why this fight was of such epic proportions.

Both fighters have unbelievable amateur records. They are both Olympic gold medalists.

Vasyl Lomachenko is considered to be the most technical fighter today.

Guillermo Rigondeaux is a dominating boxer with unbelievable power.

Mayweather vs Lomachenko

The match took place on 9 Dec 2017.

The fight was as exciting as fans hoped but soon it became a one-sided affair as Lomachenko dominated the fight.

The fight ended in disappointing fashion when Rigo didn’t come back in the seventh round.

4- Ward vs Kovalev II

The highly anticipated rematch between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev took place on 17 Jun 2017. Ward had beaten Kovalev by unanimous decision just months before the rematch.

The tension between the fighters was at its peak when these two met in Las Vegas.

The fight ended by a TKO in the 8th round.

Ward rocked Kovalev with a punch and followed it by a series of punches. At which point the referee called an end to the fight.

This match took on a bigger significance when Ward decided to retire later in the year.

3- Bellew vs Haye

Many of you may not agree with this pick but it was one of the most entertaining fights of the year. Tony Bellew vs David Haye fought on 3 Mar 2017.

Bellew had come up 2 weight classes against the heavyweight Haye. When Bellew knocked Haye in the 11th round, it was a huge upset.

David had suffered an injury to his foot earlier in the fight, which contributed towards the eventual KO.

Nonetheless, it was a huge win for Tony Bellew.

2- Golovkin vs Alvarez

In one of the biggest, if not the biggest, fights of the year. Two highly skilled and successful fighters met in the ring and as expected, it was fiery.

The undefeated Kazakh and the super talented Mexican gave the fans a show to remember.

The duked it out for the whole 12 rounds, each fighter going toe to toe with the other. Though Golovkin was a bit more dominant, stalking Alvarez throughout the match.

The result was the biggest disappointment in boxing for the year as the match was called a draw. But the skill and the level of competition was a sight worth seeing.

Honorable Mentions for Top Boxing Matches 2017

1- Joshua vs Klitschko

The revival of heavyweight boxing was completed in 2017 and at the forefront was Anthony Joshua.

In front of 90,000 in attendance the 2 titans Joshua and Klitschko collided.

It was a heavyweight fight for the ages. Joshua and Klitschko both had ups and downs in the fight. AJ was rocked and knocked down by Klitschko but he endured.

In the end, it was AJ who knocked the Ukrainian out in the 11th round.

Boxing Matches 2017

Cementing his legacy as a prime heavyweight boxer and a true champion.

This was to be Klitschko’s last fight.

These were the best that boxing world had to offer to the fans.  Which fight impressed you the most? If we missed it, do let us know by leaving your comments. Here is to an even better 2018!