British Muay Thai Champion, Ruqsana is Hopeful to Win World Title on 14th March

The British Muay Thai Champion, Ruqsana Begum is hoping to go one step further and is all set for a 50kg Straw-Weight World Title bout on the 14th March against the French champion, Ludivine Lasnier at Earls Court, London.

Ruqsana has been a source of inspiration for many young women trying to make it in the world of sport. Hailing from Ilfort, Essex, UK and born to parents of Bangladeshi origins, Ruqsana started practicing Martial Arts in secret. She managed this for about four years, but eventually had to face inevitable resistance, after her parents discovered her desire to pursue a career in fighting.

Nothing could take the wind out of Ruqsana’s sails though, as she continued practicing Martial Arts and the young prodigy shed blood, sweat and tears to become the best. All the hard work finally paid off when she won the British Muay-Thai title in the 48-50 kg atom-weight category.

Ruqsana, who was a proud torch-bearer in Greenwich during the 2012 Olympics, is associated with the prestigious KO Gym in London. Training under Bill Judd, Ruqsana won gold medal at the European Muay Thai Championship and a bronze medal at the Russian Championship where she was also the captain of the British Muay Thai Team.

An icon in the local community and becoming known national and internationally, the passionate athlete believes Muslim women should come forth and play an increasingly active part in their sports. She recently signed a deal with the internationally renowned sports brand RDX, becoming their ambassador.

Ruqsana claims she will ‘put everything on the line’ to win the World Title on March 14. She is locking horns with the French fighter Ludivine Lasnier in the Straw-Weight 50kg category and Ruqsana is confident she has the potential to become the new World Champion.

The fight will be a tough one for Ruqsana as Lasnier is the 2013 champion, Full Contact A class and European ISKA FC Champion. With only two losses in her entire career, Lasnier has already proven to many, why she maintains a ferocious reputation.

In a recent interview, Ruqsana said that, “Like Muhammad Ali I put my trust in God, that’s what I’ll be doing on 14th March”. Ruqsana, aged 31 years, does have the young-blood advantage, but on the other hand the 38-year-old Lasnier’s wealth of experience can bring trouble.

The bout will be a 3×3 minute-rounds and held under ISKA K-1 rules.