Brock Lesnar Plans to Unify the UFC and WWE Titles

One of the most dominating forces in the history of MMA and World Wrestling Entertainment has intentions of unifying the UFC and WWE titles. Brock Lesnar has thrown his hat into the ring, challenging Frank Mir for a top tier competition between sports worlds.

We could be witnessing something that was always been mentioned in hushed tones, only imagined as fantasy, but this wild dream might now turn to reality. Lesnar is one of the most decorated wrestlers and mix martial artists alive, who has dominated the likes of NCAA, UFC and WWE has offered to bridge titles of UFC and WWE.

Lesnar had a potentially lethal disease in 2011, diverticulitis, which brought his UFC career to a halt. After he suffered a TKO loss against Alistair Overeem he went packing from UFC, but he never agreed upon hanging up his gloves. Lesnar fought close to two years against his disease, whilst making an emphatic return to WWE.

The year 2014 was big for Lesnar as the phenomenal Undertaker ending his 21 win streak at WrestleMania. He also destroyed John Cena on Summer Slam for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with a record 16 suplexes.

Lesnar’s on-screen manager at WWE, Paul Hayman, and long-standing friend went off the rails in the latest edition of Monday night RAW. First he referred to the promotional campaigns for Roman Reigns, challenger to Lesner’s title on WrestleMania, as “propaganda” against his client. He also emphasized on the fact that his client may have been forced to leave WWE before without a title, but this time his WWE World Heavyweight Title is going absolutely nowhere.

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Paul Hayman all but screamed at an aghast Pittsburgh crowd of around 15,000 saying, “If Brock Lesnar wants to spend his summer unifying the WWE and UFC titles, that’s what he’s gonna do. This title no longer belongs to WWE; this title belongs to Brock Lesnar. It’s his, and he’s not giving it back.”

Lesnar might make a return to UFC, where he spearheaded the Pay-per-views from 2008 to 2011. Everyone knows his current contract with WWE runs out in a month. The UFC President, Dana White is keen to get the “Beast Incarnate” back to UFC.

If Lesnar chooses to defy the “script” and not relinquish his WWE title upon his contract expiry, we may have history in the making. But is he still capable of taking the UFC by storm like he did seven years ago?