Bruce Lee And MMA – The Invisible Iron Bond

“In order to taste my cup of water you must first empty your cup.” – Bruce Lee

We all know that the popularity of East Asian martial arts style wouldn’t have been so big in the US and parts of Europe, had it not been for the undying commitment of phenomenal Bruce Lee. His tragically short life was long enough to add peculiarity to the sport, making it a philosophy rather than just a combat activity. While there is a lot of trivia about his remarkable life that needs quite some retrospective, his influence can be greatly felt at the very core of martial arts. Whether it’s the very conventional form of the sport or the variations of its genres, he engraved an impression that only gets stronger with time.

Though his contribution to the original form of martial arts is undeniable, many sport aficionados feel his persona hovering on present-day MMA. Which does present to us a question worth pondering, “Does modern MMA owe its foundation to Bruce Lee’s fiery passion?”  The seed that Bruce Lee sowed has grown into a strong tree with its branches hovering all over the globe.

Just thinking about Bruce Lee and MMA may give many of us goose bumps. The thought alone that how the sport would have developed under his headship is an eye-opener to how much of MMA is still governed by the solo king of Judo.

Does Modern MMA Owe It’s Foundation To Bruce Lee’s Resilient Passion?

Whether or not Bruce Lee would have shown an approval for modern form of MMA is a question that can’t be answered with full certainty as the underdog archetype died an untimely death of at the mere age of 32 years on July 20, 1973; a week prior to the release of all-time classic “Enter the Dragon.” The chart-topping flick gave rise to a new craze in North America, which slowly transformed into the present form of MMA.

Lee took only a few years to remold the philosophy behind the sport that spanned over thousands of years of teachings. His unexpected death can be attributed as by-far the biggest tragedy of sport, as his genius was shortly recognized after he parted this world, making him an undisputed martial arts demi-god. Despite the slow adaption of the sport over several years, his mark still remains, making his style and mind-frame a requisite for judo and MMA.

However, Lee didn’t only become distinctive as a martial art eidolon, rather he gave the world multi-faceted ambitions of perseverance, revival and belief in one’s abilities.

The Connection

As tempting as it may seem, the notion of considering Bruce Lee as a fervent MMA fan has its own flip side. A keen inventor by design, Lee believed in a calm mind to execute best fight strategy. However, the road to octagon is fenced by rigid rules, and there is a strong possibility that Lee would showed a clear disliking for the rigidity of the sport.

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