How to Build a Roly-Poly Punching Post

In our last post, we shared an easy-to-follow tutorial to make your very own MMA mats. We are here again with the exciting new DIY to make your very own roly-poly punching post. Boxers and fighters of all types pay attention.

You might have played with the roly-poly toys in your childhood. These vertical boxing posts return to their upright position to take more hits.

Well, you have used these bop bags already but for playing or reducing your stress. We are going to make a boxing post that can be used for sparring and can endure your devastating punches.

It will make your sparring experience more interesting and fun.

Revive your childhood punching memories and get ready to make the pro version of the bounce-back bag.

Continue reading the post and you will have your surprise fact right at the bottom of this tutorial.

Required Items for Punching Post

  • 1x strong bowl (preferably a steel bowl)
  • 1x old tire (one that fits inside the bowl)
  • 2x concrete bags (30 kg)
  • 8x pool noodles
  • 2x roll of duct tape (one must be colored)
  • 2x pieces of black fabric
  • 1x foam piece
  • 1x spray adhesive
  • 3x screws


Stage#1 Make the Base and Central Post

Punching post

  1. To make the base and central post, place the ABS pipe in the center of the bowl and fill a bowl with the concrete (less than 1 bag).
  2. Fill the portion of the pipe with concrete that lies inside the steel bowl.
  3. To avoid the loosening of this pipe in the bowl, use screws and fasten it with the concrete. Remember that you are working with wet concrete at the moment. So keep the bowl on a flat surface and place the pipe in upright position. Keep on adjusting it after every few minutes.
  4. Let it sit for 24 hours.
  5. After it is completely dry, take an old tire and push it from top to bottom until the rim of the bowl is leveled with the lower edge of the tire. The tire is fixed at the upper rim of the bowl.
  6. Fill the tire with the concrete while leaving behind almost 1 inch at the top.
  7. Set it aside for another day to harden it.

Punching post

Stage#2 Padding

Punching post

  1. Pad the hollow ABS pipe with pool noodles to make the upper portion of the roly-poly post light.
  2. Line up the poodles on the ground and stick them together with the duct tape. In this way, you will make a pool noodles sheet.
  3. Place duct tape on the pipe and start wrapping it with the pool noodles sheet you made in the upper step.
  4. Again wrap various segments of this assembly with duct tape for strong bonding.
  5. If the pool noodles are not able to cover up the ABS pipe, place one or two on the bottom. You need to cover the ABS pipe completely with pool noodles.

Punching post

Stage#3 Cover It Up

Punching post

  1. Cut a round piece of foam (anti-fatigue puzzle mat) with a hole inside to cover up the top part of the tire (bottom of the ABS pipe wrapped up in pool noodles sheets).
  2. Use the center part of the foam you cut in the previous step (to make a hole) to cover up the top part of the ABS pipe.
  3. Stick some pieces of the pool noodles on the surface as well as the center of the foam piece on the top of the ABS pipe.
  4. Wrap the whole thing in duct tape now (no peeking pool noodles).
  5. The top part of the post must again be wrapped up and taped with a thickened (with various folds) black fabric.
  6. Now cover the whole punching post with the same black fabric and use adhesive spray on it for strong adhesion.

Stage#4 Decorate It

This step is optional as per your aesthetic sense. You can either:

  • Wrap it up with colorful duct tapes
  • Draw your favorite character
  • Decorate it with the theme of the upcoming event

Punching post

Tada! Your roly-poly post is ready.

Here is the secret we didn’t disclose yet. This homemade roly-poly punching post won’t cost you more than 30 dollars.

This roly-poly post uses cheap and readily-accessible materials and is extremely light yet strong. So punch away and the punching post will keep coming back for more!