Badass Burpees To Turn You Into A Brawny Bloke

Repeated moves of this seemingly simple exercise can bear similar results as from a  fast-paced sprint.

Though your evening workout has left you just drenched in foul sweat but you’re sure that you haven’t consumed every reserve of your energy.

To ignite those extinguished flames, consider investing your evening in performing some badass Burpees. While Burpees make sure that it’s different movements help exhaust all your bottled up energy, they are also very crucial for gaining muscle mass.

The whole movement can be divided into a series of three main steps. You start the workout by assuming push-up position followed by a jump leading to a push up again. The effectiveness of this lying to standing to lying position again is equivalent to a fast-paced sprint. To further simplify the movement, it can be divided into a series of five steps:

  • Squat
  • Squat thrust
  • Push-up
  • Jump
  • Jump squat

10 quickly performed Burpees can burn as much calories as a 30-min sprint would do.  

Benefits Of Burpees

Burpees come with a wide variety of benefits. They are very helpful in getting rid of fat and help in regeneration of muscles. Ideal for development of fast-twitch muscles, you can improve your force considerably with the help of this workout. Trainings specific to fast-twitch muscles are also good for increasing testosterone level in the body, resulting in overall development of mass.

Target Muscles

Burpees target the following muscle groups:

  • Major muscles targeted by this specific movement are pecs, deltoids, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, calves, quadriceps
  • Minor muscles targeted during the workout are core muscles, rhomboids and popliteus.


Though it’s best to perform the standard form of Burpees, you can start at a pace your body is comfortable with. Considering the fact that everyone is not capable of handling so much intensity from the workout, you can divide the exercise into three categories. Start from the beginner’s category and keep notching up until you reach expert level.

Following are the different variations of the workout so you can choose one based on how pressure your body can take.

Beginner Level

  • Squat thrust
  • Jump

Intermediate Level

  • Push-up
  • Box jump
  • Hindu Push-up
  • Jump-over Lateral
  • Pull-up

Expert Level

  • Tuck jump
  • Single-leg Burpee
  • Muscle-up Burpee
  • Weighted Burpee

Burpees Workout

Following are two workouts that will help burn your calories while adding muscle mass on your body.

Tabata Burpee Combo

An extremely fun workout that can be conveniently performed by you at gym or even at home with your friends. The workout is all about doing Burpees but in Tabata style.

But before you begin, you must understand what Tabata is. Tabata workout requires you to perform rapid movements for 20 seconds followed by 10 second break. The workout lasts for a total of 4 minutes. For you to perform Tabata Burpee combo, you need to do Burpees for 20 seconds followed by 10-minute break. Continue the activity until your 4 minutes are up.

Burpee Challenge

Test your limits by challenging yourself to perform as many Burpees as you can in a set time frame. You can make it more exciting by posting a video of yourself online and tagging your gym pals. If you are already used to doing Burpees, then 100 Burpee challenge will not be intimidating for you. However, it is sure to test your mental and physical strength.